If you'd have told me [even just a couple of years ago] that people would be paying big bucks for circular pieces of plastic to suck into - or that teenagers would head onto social media in order to suck into shot glasses and compare their results - I'd have called you a mentalist and done a big snort of laughter in your face [nicely.] 

However, such is the world we live in that this is now a thing. Thanks to Kylie Jenner's luscious lips, every man and his dog wants a piece of the Fullips action. Apart from me, who can't even begin to justify forking out that much money for a literal piece of plastic in a box. If you're broke but yet still oddly curious, gadgets like the Fullips lip enhancer can be a bit pricey to justify; the official Fullips products retail at $19.99 each - PLUS $19.29 for postage from America - making the total cost about £26.00 [!!!!!] Or, through Twitter, I have LITERALLY just found you can buy them from ukfullips.com for £12.99.

But if you're broke yet crafty [like me] you can ALWAYS pick one up cheaper.

Enter this £8.99 inc postage eBay dupe; purchased from an eBay beauty shop [click here to access their online store - they have dupes for like, everything guys; not even messing.]

Soz that I live in sportswear from the men's section 99% of my life

I don't always trust cheap dupes, but seeing as people have been using shotglasses and all kinds to get their Kylie Jenner lips and this looked pretty legit [really, how different can two different brands of pieces of plastic be - apart from the pricier one having a nice logo emblazoned on it] I thought I'd give it a go.

If it's under ten pound, it's morally sound. If it's less than £10 to buy, it won't make me cry. etc etc. etc [yeah, I make budget beauty sound cooooooooool.]

So here it is. I went for the Medium Oval plumper, which can be used both vertically and horizontally - and is best suited for those with smaller, overall mouth sizes or very thin lips. I didn't really read that bit at the time. Given that I'm usually a size medium in clothes, my brain just saw 'medium' and bought it. I don't have a small mouth and my lips aren't that thin. But anyway yeah - apparently, when using this plumper horizontally, because of its narrow opening it only draws in the lip area - but not much of the surrounding mouth area. Which can only be a good thing, right?

How do you use it?

You neck it. Give it a right good snog. Well, more officially:

Step 1:  Clean your Fullips enhancer with mild soap and water.

Step 2:  Fullips recommend lightly exfoliating lips and the surrounding area first, with a soft washcloth or soft toothbrush, to help achieve fuller results.  Next, wet the area around your mouth with water.  This moisture is not necessary, but may help establish tighter suction which is the key to a good result.

Step 3:  Position your Fullips enhancer over your mouth and lip area, hold in place, and begin sucking short puffs of air out of enhancer. Continue until solid suction is established and enhancer is firmly around mouth. (You may have to move it around a little to get it into position to establish tighter suction.)

Step 4:  Let lips relax into the enhancer.  You should feel a gentle pulling.  The amount of time for leaving Fullips on will vary for the individual, but begin in 15-30 second increments.  Use finger to help break suction.

Repeat the steps until desired fullness is reached.

Step 5:  Apply your lip cosmetics as usual.

And does it work? Well, I'll let you decide.


I actually found that it worked better on my lips to use the enhancer vertically

After about five 15 second vertical suction sessions [also soz that my lips look pure crusty; they're not, its Carmex and a little foundation that got sucked into the mix using the plumper! I wanted to have my natural lips rather than stick lippy on, so you can see the results clearer.]

My bottom lip definitely feels and looks a lot plumper and my top lip also feels slightly enlarged. It seems a little unnatural and slightly mental when you look at yourself tashing on with a piece of plastic but it's done something, for sure.  Even though I feel a bit like that Sum 41 song - Fat Lip rather than a sexy pouting Goddess. I don't really like the suction feeling on my lips to be quite honest and I was scared that I'd do it too much and end up like Pete Burns. But, despite my scepticism - this does seem to work. Though the results don't last for that long, despite the claims of the box.

I think these lip enhancers are a cool invention but also that it's a sad sign of the times when we're sucking into cups and miscellaneous plastic rings to plump up our natural smiles. Kylie Jenner, what have you done! 

FYI, as a little disclaimer - please teenagers of the world, don't use shotglasses or other household objects to take on this Kylie Jenner Challenge bollocks. It's really not safe - or worth it when it all goes tits up. I can't believe that when I was a teen, we were all about watching Pokémon evolve and now you're spending your time dangerously evolving your lips! It makes me really sad. And worried. Like a parent to all the teenagers of the internet.


What do you think? Have you tried a Fullips? Would you? Would you try a dupe, like me? [The eBay store I got this from can be found here if so.] Ultimately, what do you think of this Kylie Jenner lip madness? 

Let me know what you think using my Disqus comment box below, tweet me, connect with me via Instagram or drop me an email - let's get social! You can also follow me on Bloglovin' [if you like what you see] to keep up to date with all the lols, makeup, beauty, lifestyle and fashion posts I throw out each week.

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