For the past few weeks I've ran a kind of Hot or Not? Fit or Sh*t? feature, looking at products I've either tried out or enjoyed during that week [which you can read about here and here]. So, SPOILER ALERT - I'm going to do just that all over again this week :] Except this is kind of a round-up of the past two weeks as I'll be honest - I haven't bothered with make-up or general social niceities that much for the past week or so, so there was little to report other than that I have looked truly grim

You might have seen some of these products on my Instagram; which I have somewhat abandoned this past week or so - sorry guys [I'd say it's because I was off doing something totally exciting, but it wasn't.] And others may have featured in past posts, before I'd had chance to give them a fair trial. 

L-R: NYX's Baked Blush - Illuminator + Bronzer in BBL10 Ladylike / DeMoiselle / MUA Pro Base Prime and Conceal Palette | Lip Enhancer | Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker XL Lip Plumping Gloss | NYX Lip Liner in SPL 835, Pinky | Nivea In Shower Body Moisturiser |

Also, probs important to add before I crack on - I haven't really tried many new products these past few weeks because I'm astoundingly poor; but I have repurchased a few of my faves. So this post is more of a run down on the products that have made the cut this week - be they new things I've tried or repurchases. So without further ado...

NYX's Baked Blush - Illuminator + Bronzer in BBL10 Ladylike / DeMoiselle - Repurchase, £7 from Very

I bloody love this blusher - hence why I repurchased it last week. I used to be 110% loyal to Bourjois Little Round Pot blushers; but given the price tags are very similar [and also Very let me buy this one on credit] I dabbled and fell in love. 

Aside from the insanely cute packaging [check out an old school review I did here for more deets] this blusher is fab. I love the way it both adds colour to and highlights my cheeks - and it lasts forever. You can use it as a blusher, bronzer or illuminator - wet or dry - and I feel like a proper functioning adult when I wear it. 

MUA Pro Base Prime and Conceal Palette - Repurchase, £4.00 from Superdrug

I think I touched on the MUA Pro Base Powder in a previous Hot or Not? post [in fact I know I did, you can read about it here.] So this is the complementary product in the range; the concealer! I proper love this, yeno - and I never thought I would. I'm very fussy with concealers and get set in my ways - I'm like an old lady, don't trust these new 'fads'. I should have trusted this earlier however, as it's fab - and for £4, who can even complain?!

Its an amazing creamy consistency - just look at these swatches. I've found that the top left beige and the yellow are actually very effective at hiding my under-eye circles and I use the highlighter from the centre to run down the bridge of my nose during contouring with my £2.89 contouring palette. I will repurchase this forever and a day.

Lip Enhancer, £8.99 inc Postage from my beloved eBay

I reviewed this budget beauty here a couple of weeks ago - and I had some great feedback off you guys at how this £8.99 knock-off was highly preferential to the Fullips or Candy Lips prices [which are insane, btw.] So I've been using it a bit more these past couple of weeks to give it a fair trial and see what kinda looks it can achieve. Also, because I'm somewhat housebound at the moment - if a Pete Burns trout pout situation occurs, noone other than the postman has to know.

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker XL Lip Plumping Gloss - Repurchase, £10 from Boots

Yeah, so evidently I've become a little lip plumping obsessed of late haha. I love this stuff - I love the taste, the fact that it definitely works, the mad tingling / buzzing feeling on your lips while it's doing its thaaaaang and the fact it was on offer in Boots, also! I purchased the Soap and Glory Archery 2 in 1 Eyebrow Tint and Pencil at the time as well, due to the fab little 3 for 2 situation Boots had going on - but I didn't really like it, as the shade was a little too dark for me :{ I now have a BRAND NEW, never been opened Brownie Points Soap and Glory eyebrow pencil for sale on my Depop if you fancy upping your brow game [I ended up getting two.]

NYX Lip Liner in SPL 835, Pinky - I got this for £3 inc Postage from eBay [standard] but you can shop them here

NYX lip liners are cheap, man. Like proper cheap. And they're amazing dupes for more expensive products, like Mac. Oh, and they're also really good. 

I've been enjoying this one this week - I've had a couple of trips to the dentist, so its matte and long lasting finish means that there is less product smeared all over the dentist's gloves and my chin in the meantime. 

Nivea In Shower Body Moisturiser,  250ml - £3.75 on offer at Boots

I got this cos I'm lazy. If it does two things at once, I'm sold. Thing is, I'm not convinced it does anything for my skin really; which disappoints me. My skin is quite soft anyway I suppose, but after I use this, I still feel the need to moisturise my body afterwards; making it pretty useless. Also, my skin has broken out into some mad anxiety rash and this certainly doesn't seem to help matters, which saddens me. I had really high hopes for this, but I don't think I'll bother repurchasing.


Have you tried anything new this month?  Or made any repurchases of products you'll remain loyal to, time after time? Have you tried any of these products before? I'm well nosey and would love to find out.

As ever, chat with me using my comments box powered by Disqus below, via Twitteremail or on Instagram :} 

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