So, similar to the feature I did a couple of weeks ago [which you can read about here] this week again, I thought I'd trial run a few new products as part of my beauty regime, to see how they held up. A kinda 'Hot or Not?' 'Fit or Sh*t?' type test. 

Some of these products you might have seen on my Instagram; I have become like literally obsessed with Insta recently - I can't lie. And my Liz Earle Cleanser had already made its star appearance in my blog [Birchbox | April Edition] before I'd had a chance to give it a fair trial. So here we go; a no holds barred 'Fit or sh*t?' 'Worth the hype, or on your bike?' set of mini reviews follows this. So let's go.


Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paint, in 'Kiss Me Quick' and 'Road Rage', £3.99 each 

Are these not the most beautiful pastel shades you've ever seen? With a tan, I cannot even express how well these gorgeous colours are going to 'pop'. They apply nicely; the photos you see here are two coats of the Nail Paint, which does dry quite fast. I nearly wept when I opened these up in my order from Boots, the colours are so perfect. I definitely want to adopt more colours from this range - and to enable me even more, Boots have a 'Buy 1, Get 1 Half Price' offer on on Barry M Nail Paints at the time of writing! My Verdict: Fit

Rimmel 60 Seconds Super Shine Nail Polish, '703 - White Hot Love', £2.99

I needed (well, I say needed... wanted) a new white nail polish as my Rita Ora white had started to go a bit gloopy. This little beaut does the job and then some. It applies really well, only needing two coats to achieve the bright white you see here. It also dries fast too (though I think 60 seconds is a little optimistic.) I love the white nail trend; I first started endorsing it just over a year ago, so I'm glad I'm back on the team. Oh, FYI, just to enable you even more, be aware that Boots have a 3 for 2 on selected Rimmel products on at the moment. My Verdict: Fit


Maybelline New York LineRefine Liner Express, £6.00

With its calligraphy felt-tip, this liquid eyeliner is alright actually. It's quite similar in application to my old Barry M liquid eyeliner, but the shape of the bottle and the long handle make it easier to put on. It's long lasting and its easy to make a straight line with it. You also seem to get quite a lot of liquid eyeliner in the bottle, for longevity. I have no complaints, but my socks haven't been knocked off by this either. My Verdict: Fit-ish

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, £9.00

I am a convert. My sister bought me some Real Techniques eye brushes for Christmas and eventually I bit the bullet and bought this fab face brush, as my Model's Own foundation brush looked like it had been used as a paintbrush in an industrial sense and was more knackered and grim than I can explain. This is AMAZING! My complexion looks so much brighter and radiant; pixel perfect like the box suggests. To be honest, I wish I could turn back time [remember that Aqua song? Any one as old as me and can?? #fossilprobs] and have always known about this little beaut, as I feel ashamed for my past face without it. You can also get these for £8 including shipping off eBayMy Verdict: Fit

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, Birchbox sample

I got this as a sample in April's Birchbox; I know Hayley from the wonderful Miss Mandarin blog has written another fab review on this product [which you can read by clicking here.] But this was the week I really put this product to its paces and used it more regularly, to see what all the fuss was about. Verdict: Liz is a BABE. My skin looks so much more radiant and alive now; even in the mornings, when usually I look like the raging dead and somewhat grey in the face. Lovely cleanser which you can really feel getting to work - and despite leaving your skin feeling a bit tingle-y afterwards, it doesn't react badly or bring my overly sensitive skin out in any kind of reaction. My Verdict: Fit

Pack of Four 'Magical' Eyebrow Stencils, £1.29

I bought these eyebrow stencils off eBay, for approx £1.29. They wouldn't show up on the group shot of products and to be honest, I was that unimpressed with them I wasn't sure whether to let them make the cut at all.] These are terrible. Out of four designs, there are only two which remotely look like my actual eyebrow. Or rather, a shape that I'd be inclined to try. They're thin, they're flimsy - plus, the actual eyebrow shapes they give you are really thin and short; like the ones I had when I was an angst ridden teen. Like, I thought the ASBO look was out now? 

Maybe I'm using them really wrong and to be  honest, I'm quite happy with my eyebrows and the way I normally do them; so these 'bargains' will be hitting the bin of life. If I ever try stennys again; they WILL be from Eylure or another reputable company I trust, rather than coming in a nameless see through through sheath and declaring themselves to be magical. My Verdict: SH*T!!!!!!


Have you tried anything new this month? These new experiences don't even have to just be beauty related either; I'm well nosey and would love to chat more about like, anything! Or have you tried any of the above products and had similar / different experiences?

As ever, chat with me using my comments box powered by Disqus below, via Twitteremail or on Instagram :} 
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