So for this week's #TMIFriday post, I thought I'd do something a little different. I've been taking on some of the various blogger tags of the internet as part of my dedication to oversharing over these past few weeks [with some interesting / roflcopter-esque results - you can read more here, here and here] and this week, I wanted to share something a little bit different. My life is somewhat a joke at present [it's okay though - I laugh about it and my terrible luck; so you can too] so I wanted to focus on some of the little things that make me smile and that I've enjoyed this week; rather than on the more laughable areas of my life.

Mm, brews

Things that made me SMILE this week :}

Beauty - Pastel nails

Life - Spending hour after hour in the bath - basking in bubbles, losing myself reading blog posts, spending hours online window shopping and mentally co-ordinating the outfits of my dreams, my lovely new logo and blog button from Jemma @ Dorkface Blog, voting on Thursday 7th May and getting oddly emotional and patriotic watching the Snapchat story about it from across the UK

Dreams - Dreaming of winning the lottery and of the next time I can book and take a beach holiday

Food - Maryland hazelnut gooey cookies, Toffee Crisp[s] <yeah you heard, PLURAL>, coffee, Muller fruit corners, Warbutons seeded bread

TV - The Goldbergs, Made In Chelsea, spending hours watching Peep Show re-reruns and getting obsessed with Eastenders

Music - Rudimental ... plus discovering all the golden oldies I have hidden away on iTunes and having a little boogie

Memories - Remembering my life changing and incredible time at University

Animals - Stalking photos of kittens, pugs, sausage dogs and other miscellaneous fluffy animals; such as goats, chicks and lambs. Obv #dogsatpollingstations trending in the UK on Election day was a high point for me this week

Online Shops - New Look, ASOS, Missguided

Other things that have made me happy - the sun being out, blue skies, that feeling when a dead mint song come on iTunes that you haven't heard for a while and that takes you TOTES by surprise, a cracking egg butty, deliveries from the postman, Instagram stalking, writing my journal, bubbles, spoiling my pets, reminiscing with old friends, great customer service from Boots, having new makeup to play with and ticking things off my [countless] to do lists [admittedly, that's a bit of an OCD one.]


What things have made you happy this week? Are you a lover [or a hater] of any of the above? 

Why not leave me a comment below - I love reading about people's favourites and what makes them smile. Remember to follow me on Bloglovin' and Instagram to see more of my favourite things shine through my blog and watch the LLL adventure unfold :}

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