I feel like a naked old man without a decent pair of eyelashes on. Well, maybe that's a bit too strong / overdramatic / graphic of an image to lead in with, like, hahaha... I should probably split that sentence to read 'I feel naked without a pair of lashes on my lids and also, that I look a bit like an old man' but I've probably got your attention now anyway [even if it is for all the wrong reasons!] so I'll stick by it.

I wear a pair of falsies everyday. They make me feel like I've got my life in order and draw attention away from other debatable areas of my face. The eyes are the windows to the soul; so I like to frame mine with big, dramatic curtains [aka massive eyelashes.] 
My obsession with falsies has resulted in me having gone through a lot of lashes over the past few years [the eyelash graveyards lurking around my room are testament to that!!] and has also meant that I've tried and tested a fair few brands, from all different parts of the world. A large percentile of my tweetsinsta photos and blog posts are indeed already dedicated to eyelash lovin'. 

You may have read this post recently; all about my latest collab with Born Pretty - the fab team at BP HQ have let me pick a few products to review and share with you guys again. One thing I love about this website is how bloody cheap it is, another being how quick their stuff arrives [given how far it travels!] and another; how they offer free shipping. As a massive, David Dickonson-esque bargain hunter; these points tick all the boxes for me. Anyway, before I get all teary eyed about low prices, back to it. One of the items I chose this time was this 5 Pairs/Box Handmade Seamless False Eyelash Cross Volume Fake Eye Lash #HW-8 set*, which retails at just $2.99 for 5 pairs of lashes [about £2.10.] 

If you didn't already know, I've been getting right into lighter, more wispy lashes recently. Up until now, I'd always been an Eylure 107s kinda girl; but the last multipack I bought of these bad boys really let me down. They'd changed somehow; the shape of them irritated the corners of my eyes and they seemed more curved. I thought maybe I'd picked up the petite eye version by mistake, but no. So anyway, in light of this - these lashes looked like they'd be right up my street. Read on to find out more - and to get your hands on a 10% off discount code you can use on anything on Born Pretty's treasure trove of a website.

Here they are; up close and personal. They come in some pink, kawaii-esque packaging, which isn't quite my cup of tea - but this aside, they look pretty darn beautiful don't they? They remind me a bit of the Ardell Demi Wispies or some of the lashes that LashUnlimited stock, too. They don't come with glue, but this isn't a problem to me at all - most lashes don't these days, and you can pick up tubes of glue for next to nothing over on Amazon. And as an eyelash obsesso, I literally have tubes of eyelash glue coming out of my ears anyway - there's about 14 tubes in my handbag alone. I can't be alone on this, right? 

Despite them working out at about 42p per pair, they don't look really cheap at first glance either. Bonus! You know what I mean; sometimes, when you pick up cheaper lashes, they have that pure shine to them. Primark's £1 lashes for example, are a prime candidate when it comes to this. It all depends on what the lashes are made of. But these are nicely textured and natural looking, whatever they're made of!

Here they are on...

... and again, teamed with a little liquid eyeliner

I love them.

However, I won't lie right - as amazing are they are on, these are hard as hell to apply the first time you crack out a new pair. You definitely need some patience and a decent glue to get them on your eye the first time wearing them. I'd like to think of myself as pretty alright at applying lashes [what with the amount of times I must have partaken in this activity over the past ten years] but I did nearly give up at first. 

Until, that is, I had one eye on and I was that impressed with how the lashes looked on, that I was prepared to fight whatever hurdles the application process threw at me in order to get the other one on, too. They're just very straight once you take them off the plastic, which means it takes a bit of bending and a sprinkling of patience to apply them initially. But it's totally worth it.

I was really happy with both how these lashes looked in the packet and on my eyes - they're perfect for day or night time wear. The price of them is amazing, they're lightweight and they don't irritate your eye once you have them on - PLUS they're not at all cheap looking or shiny, like some of the other cheaper lashes you can buy are. 

I would definitely order these again - I had people comment on how nice they looked, which must have meant I did something right, as I wear lashes everyday and no-one usually even bats an eyelid [tried to make an eye related pun there didn't I, but I think I might have failed.]


What do you think of these lashes? Do you have any bargain eyelash recommendations I should check out? Have you ordered from Born Pretty before? Keep your eyes peeled over on my blog and Instagram over the next couple of weeks to see more of my eyelash appreciation and also, to find out more about the other goodies Born Pretty sent me!

If you fancy getting your hands on some ultimate Born Pretty bargains, enter AINH10 at the checkout for an extra 10% off, on me :}

*This product was gifted to me by Born Pretty Store; but all opinions are a] honest as sin and b] my own.
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