Things I love:

1. Biscuits
2. Lie ins
3. Onesie life
4. Snapchat's filters
5. When my scratchcard gambling pays off [which is rare, to say the least]
6. Eggs
7. Obsessively cleaning my home with anti-bac wipes
8. The solitaire app I literally can't stop playing on my phone
9. My faithful iPhone
10. Dreaming of all the pets I'll own one day / stalking photos of cute bunnies on Instagram.

But most of all, my favourite of all the things is BARGAIN HUNTING [and not the David Dickinson show, though those fleeces they wear look pretty snug / on point tbh.] No, when I say bargain hunting, I'm talking stalking the internet, to find the very best and cheapest produce - fashion, beauty, lifestyle and home-wise. Why pay more, when you can be a tight-arse like me? 

You may remember reading about my first ever encounter with Born Pretty here. And if you didn't / don't remember being exposed to my mad bargain euphoria post, I do highly recommend having a read, like [although I am massively bias.] To sum it up, I was amazed by their free shipping [which was also pretty fast, given the distance my parcel had to travel], their prices being in dollars [helloooooo amazing conversion rates] and the fact that they gave me a dizzy code so that you guys can get stuff at dirt cheap prices, shipped to your door AND at an even further reduced cost [enter AINH10 at the checkout for 10% off your order.]

Well, I'm lucky enough to be working with  Born Pretty again at the moment - and I'm telling ya, they've sent me some stuff this time around which has truly rocked my [thermal, winter] socks. Without further ado, I present to you Post 1: The Matte Lipgloss. Keep your eyes peeled [or follow me on  Twitter or  Bloglovin] for updates on the other items Born Pretty gifted me, too [as well as a whole heap of other rambling and retweeting cute pet photos.]

At first glance, this lipgloss didn't blow me away. It looked a different colour than on the website, so although I thought it looked quite nice, my hopes weren't that high; as I had a totally different idea in my mind of the colour I'd ordered. This perception changed pretty darn quickly. And the fact that it looked a different colour to the website became a non-issue as soon as the product met my lips.

I applied a quick coat of this lipgloss when my parcel arrived and I thought yeah, this is alright, but not much more of it. However, next time I glanced in the mirror, I was proper amazed and little hearts appeared in my eyes like that emoji guy. I had totally forgotten that this was a matte lipgloss and was totally not expecting how bloody great it would look! I had no idea!!! And bloody hell, it's matte like no other!! 

I topped it up with another coat, for a super strong matte colour, and that was that. SOLD. I imagine this must be similar to the effect that Mac's new matte range has - and I can now totally understand why people were so excited for its launch. I doubletook when I saw my reflection the second time - it looking flipping mint. Even though my lips were pretty dry and not especially moisturised before application, the product didn't make them look chapped or dry, like I've experienced with other mattifying products [and with this very questionnable Wet n Wild lipgloss I reviewed a while ago.] They looked smooth, matte and moisturised.

Just look at that colour. It's a stunning orangey red - the EXACT shade I was looking for last year at around Christmas, after being inspired by Louise Thompson off MIC and the one and only Delevingne. The matte finish is evident pretty much as soon as the product hits your skin and is extremely long lasting. The shade might be slightly different to how it was pictured on the website [I think Born Pretty have actually updated their product images since my order] but you know what - I don't even care. And for that price, too - it could have been a sack of sh*t and I'd still have been happy.

The only beef I have with this product is that it's waterproof. Don't get me wrong, this feature is also bloody brilliant - but it's waterproof to an extent where you have to really scrub at it with a babywipe to remove it. Once you've put this on, you're committed. You can't change your mind halfway through and decide to apply a different product - there's no easy going back, you end up removing the lip colour and half your facial makeup, if you're not careful. This having been said, the fact that it's waterproof is also insanely brilliant - you can rub at it and rub water on it and although there is a tiny bit of movement, the colour and intensity does not fade one bit. Wow. A lipgloss that can power through no matter how many Jagerbombs I throw at it. Life = complete.

I was overall that impressed with the longevity, appearance and smell of this product that I've since revisited Born Pretty's site and ordered pretty much the entire range of matte lipglosses [along with a few other bits, cos yeno - CHEAP!!] They are currently on sale for just $1.99 each, which works out at about £1.39 in sterling - with free shipping. Even I , the cheapest of the cheap skates, can not argue with this. I will post again with the other colours to let you know how I got on once they arrive, so you can see how they look irl. I'm super excited - if they're anywhere near as bright and matte as this first product, my makeup game will be permanently revolutionised.

Seriously though, I really recommend trying this product out. I wore it to the Post Office, somewhat unintentionally as it's waterproof and I didn't realise when I tried it out for the very first time. In that time, a small child made their way across to me and was transfixed by my face. She kept pointing at my makeup and hair and telling her Grandma about it, before then began to compliment me on my makeup. She wouldn't effing leave me alone, in all honesty. Normally, alls I get is mad old smackheads breathing down my ear and commenting on the large amount of fruit flies they've seen this year when I join that Post Office queue of doom [don't even ask] - so this was most definitely a turn up for the books!


What do you think of this look? Do you have any matte lip product recommendations / top application tips? Have you ordered from Born Pretty before? Keep your eyes peeled over on my blog and Instagram over the next couple of weeks to see more of my lipgloss lovin' and also, to find out more about the other goodies Born Pretty sent me!

If you fancy getting your hands on some ultimate Born Pretty bargains, enter AINH10 at the checkout for an extra 10% off, on me :}

*This product was gifted to me by Born Pretty Store; but all opinions are a] honest as sin and b] my own.

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