I always feel a bit hesitant going in with the title #ManicureMonday - does it count as a manicure if you do it yourself and your skills in the nail polish game aren't that strong? If you smudge it about 25 times, swear really loudly and kind of, colour outside the lines a bit?  Either way - here's a sneaky little insight as to what's on my talons this week.

This week's nail polish of choice is Revlon's Matte Finish Nail Enamel in Shade 038: Ruby Ribbon. I've bought other colours from this range from Boots before; but being the cheapskate that I am, this one's off eBay. If you like the look of it, you can probably find it in most drugstores like - or alternatively, head on eBay like I did and have a good stalk.

This is definitely one of my more underused nail polishes [soz lad.] I adore oxblood / maroon shades and I'm pureeee obsessed with all things matte this season [check out my post on Born Pretty's Matte Lipgloss for more matte lovin'] but yet, I never seem to pull this bad boy out from the mad pile of hell that is my nail polish collection. Don't know why really. Laziness maybe?

It gives a fab matte finish, with subtle little flecks of shimmer in it. It also dries pretty quick, minus that incident with the duvet I had pretty shortly after application. But I always seem to wear more nail polish on my person, face, clothing and bedding than I ever manage to get on my nails anyway; so there's no change there [Smudge City, population me.] I actually picked up one of those white, stay-inside-the-lines nail glue things the other day from Born Pretty; the ones you always see on those sick nail tutorials on Insta. So I'll see how I get on with that. Maybe there's hope for me yet!

What's on your nails this week? What do you think of this colour? Do you have any Revlon recommendations?

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