SPOILER ALERT - you may have already seen me share photos of these products on Instagram. And Twitter. And possibly Snapchat too. Soz, but they're just too pretty to keep a secret #StraightUpFact 

If you're anything like me and obsessed with summer, basking in the sun, strolling down sandy beaches and snapping as many shots of palm trees as you can; the packaging of these beautiful Sugar Baby products will make you gasp, get little hearts in your eyes like that emoji fella and maybe weep a bit in joy. I think I did all three when Sugar Baby very kindly sent me some goodies to try recently. 

Sugar Baby are an Australian beauty company - and now, also one of my top ten all time favourite brands. Their beauty and body care products [as well as its beyond goals packaging] are created to be naturally good for you, too; made from natural, organic ingredients which involve absolutely no animal testing and are suitable for vegans. I'm proper into the idea that what I put on my body [as well as in it] should be good for me at the moment, so this brand and their ethos sit perfectly with me. Also, to say these items were sent to me from the other side of the world, they arrived super, super fast. Like, I was really impressed. But the most exciting [and  potentially dangerous] thing about these products, is that you can also now buy them from Superdrug too!! 

The products I was gifted are from Sugar Baby's all new Vita+Skin collection; which are made of 100% organic coconut water and oil and are naturally rich in electrolytes - making them fab for hydrating your skin. And now, after spending some time stalking their site, I'm game as a badger to try out their self tanning range, too [yous all know I love a good tan #Life'sBetterWithATan]

Second SPOILER ALERT - this post is going to be pretty photo heavy. I can't lie. But when you see a bit more of the insanely beautiful packaging these insanely brilliant products come in, you'll understand why. They are every Instagram flatlay goal I've ever had.

Vita Skin Slim-Ulate*, £10.00

This flipping amazing coffee scrub combines the stimulating benefits of Coffee with Natural Oils; providing an ideal natural exfoliator, which leaves your skin feeling clean, smooth and soft. Caffeine applied topically to skin stimulates blood-flow and circulation and reduces the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. This stuff is also great to use in cases of eczema and psoriasis. 

It comes in a big bag [which you'll get a fair few scrubs out of], smells lovely and sweet [like coffee cake] and leaves your skin feeling absolutely amazing. Soft, pampered and relaxed. For me, I feel this stuff definitely stimulates blood circulation and it feels so nice against my skin. I adore this scrub and would legit recommend it to anyone. My whole body feels more revitalised and awake after using it.

This has to be one of my favourite Sugar Baby products so far. My hair is that long and dry, that it usually needs the full packet of hair treatment all in one go; just to get it looking anything like a normal person's do. However, a little goes a [really] long way with this hair treatment, and I was really pleasantly surprised that I'll be able to get a few applications out of this sachet [I've had two already!] The Vita Skin Hair Affair product itself is thick, lux and smells lovely; even the next day.

This stuff worked
absolute wonders for my hair. It's usually very knotty and gets tangled very easily, but since using this product, I've not had this problem again - which is mad! It's made my hair so much sleeker and more manageable. Even a few days later, I can still feel the benefit. I'm a total convert.

This deluxe beauty bar is made from Coconut Oil and Coconut Milk; which are high in fatty acids and Vitamin E, providing both cleansing and healing properties. Shea Butter and Aloe Vera combine with glycerine, making the cleansing bar incredibly gentle and ideal for those with dry sensitive skin, eczema or psoriasis. As an occasional sufferer with eczema [and I had a mad outbreak of psoriasis once, too] this is ideal. The bar lathers up nicely and left my skin feeling lovely.

Again, similar to the
Slim-Ulate scrub, this stuff comes in a big bag which you'll get a fair few uses out of [and I'm aaaaallll about that value for money, me!] This scrub is a slightly different consistency to the coffee one [a bit like a cake somehow, rather than grains - and it smells totally like donuts] but results wise, once again I was blown away by how great my skin felt afterwards - and how nice the actual feeling of the scrub exfoliating my skin was. Both the Sugar Baby scrubs I tried left me feeling refreshed and my skin felt really alive afterwards. I legit can't recommend them enough.


Have you heard of Sugar Baby before, or tried any of their range? Can we take a minute here to appreciate their packaging together?! Are you as excited to get as many Christmas pressies as possible from these guys as I am?! [Sorry, I dropped the C bomb there, didn't I. Guess we're going to have to think about it sometime!!]

You can check out Sugar Baby's website here. Also check their Instagram out - their feed is as beaut as their products. #CantCope

 And for shopping purposes here in the UK - click here for a slice of Superdrug action.

*This post contains products I was gifted for review. However, as always; all opinions are very much my own

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