The thought of going to the gym alone scares me. To be surrounded by pure hotties and fitness bunnies barely breaking a sweat; whereas I'm that fat wap in the corner who's never used the phrase 'fit fam' in my life and has no clue what any of the equipment does, let alone how to use it. 

Having a Personal Trainer yell home truths at me about how out of shape I've got would probably reduce me to genuine tears and showering with strangers terrifies me. So I've been putting it off. For about 3 years now. To be totally frank - the only gym I'd been to up until recently was the Pokémon Gym a few steps away from my gaff. And with that, I think I've summed up my fitness levels.

When Rachel from the world's leading online gym [OnlineGym4Me] approached me and offered me a 6 month membership with them, it was literally like a dream come true. I can be as sweaty, stupid and uncoordinated as I want - and noone apart from the fish I'm pet-sitting has to know. Great success.

Intrigued? Keep reading guys; I honestly believe this is such a great, niche idea - which might help even me shift a few of the excess pounds I've achieved, by eating multiple packs of Bourbon biscuits this year [and all the other years, let's not lie.]

To start off with, I selected my goal and what I wanted to use OnlineGym4Me for. There were several options - including Pilates / Yoga, which I was super interested in. But in the end, given that I've expanded by 2.5 stones in the past year or so and look a bit like the Michellin Man, I opted for Tone and Tighten. From your selection, OnlineGym4Me then recommend 5 classes you should take each week, in order to achieve your goal.

In the MyGym4me section of the site, you’ll find a new customised workout plan with 5 suggested classes every week. All the proposed classes are designed to match your goal: mine being to Tone & Tighten. OnlineGym4Me recommend that if you want to achieve your exercise goals, it's important to do online workouts at least 3 times per week [which I have totally slacked with recently, but really aim to get back into over the next couple of weeks, honest!] You can also explore other workouts by navigating to Classes and searching the daily live classes available, or watching any of their pre-recorded workouts. 

It's convenient as hell, which I love - you don't need to waste time travelling back and forth to the gym and you can use your own shower [big deal breaker for me!] once you're done. All you need is a bit of space to bust a few moves in, a laptop / iPad and an internet connection - and you're good to go.

And here's the best bit. If you'd like to join an Online Gym with a customised workout plan and new classes each week, you can  do by clicking here - for free, for a whole month

Whether you want to get in shape for a special occasion, an upcoming holiday or just to feel better in yourself, OnlineGym4Me have totes got your back - and I've got yours, with one month's free access! Sign up today and join me in the fight against flab. You honestly won't regret it; it's been the kick up the bum I've needed recently.

*I was gifted a 6 month membership to OnlineGym4Me in exchange for this post, but as ever, all opinions are my own

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