I wasn't planning on writing this post, so apologies if it's a bit over-excitable - but I literally darted out of the shower and straight to my laptop [like the massive keyboard warrior that I am] after using Grounded Coffee Scrub for the first time. I was that desp to share my findings with you guys.

I frigging love coffee, man - but I wasn't expecting smothering my body in it to be as good an experience as drinking it is. I was so wrong. I'm lying here now [post-scrub], basking in the fragrance of chocolate orange and brews, with skin so soft that I can't even cope. If I'd have known coffee scrubs were this bloody brilliant, I'd have been bathing in Douwe Egberts long, long ago!

I'd already heard really great things about this stuff, since I unveiled it from my Latest in Beauty Glamour Summer Edition box and later went on a mad stalking rampage on Instagram, but you know when you're not expecting to love something as much as you do and you go a bit temporarily mad? That's the place I'm in right now. I'll admit, it takes a pretty special review of a beauty product for me to get pure hyped up about it; as I'm grumpy, cynical and poor. So the words of praise I read for this stuff online didn't really sink in at the time, before I tried it for myself. But now, I so get it.

I won't lie, using this stuff proved to be one of the top ten messiest experiences of my life. I fear I'll be finding coffee grains in the bathroom possibly forever. But it was so, so worth it. To #GetGrounded you simply rub the coffee granules on your problem areas [my whole body... lol, but this stuff on a serious note is good for stretchmarks, cellulite etc] for a few minutes and then leave it on for ten before washing it off. Here's my mug mid-scrub - brace yourself and possibly avert your eyes for this make-up free shower selfie.

Once I'd washed it all off and basked a bit more in its beautiful fragrance [like, I'd marry a Terry's Chocolate Orange in a heartbeat, tbh - so this product was legit perfect for me] I touched my arm and literally did a little gasp. 

My skin was, no word of a lie, the softest I think I'd ever, ever felt it. And it still is. I feel pampered, moisturised, smooth and relaxed after my Grounded Coffee Scrub experience - which is a turn up for the books, as I'm normally a somewhat trampy, skincare deprived, scaly ball of stress. Grounded - what kind of sorcery is in your products?! Teach me all you know!!

After a bit more furious stalking, I discovered that you can buy these scrubs at Boots and they retail at [an affordable-ish] price of £15.00, so I know what I'm doing now. Hello smooth skin, goodbye available funds!! #YOLO


Have you ever #GotGrounded or used a similar coffee scrub product before? How did you find it? 

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