For what seems like forever, I had seen other bloggers profess their love to and / or about Mac's Diva; but as a raging tramp, I'd never been able to afford it to try out for myself. Here we are though, a year or so down the line - and I'm still a raging tramp; but a raging tramp with an online shopping problem and about 30231 more credit cards. Where there's a will, there's a way [and all that.]

With this slightly tragic mantra in mind, I happily bankrupted myself [and maxed out a credit card I hadn't used in a while] to buy myself a slice of Diva action. And I mean, apart from 'the fear' I wake up with most mornings regarding my level of debt, it was totes, totes worth it. #Yolo.

Mac Diva Lipstick Lovelaughslipstick beauty fashion lifestyle blog

I've never really worn dark lipsticks before - I've been all about the nudes [no, not that kind] and bright pinks for as long as I can remember. I've occasionally sported a red lip; usually at festive occasions [lol, I'm so clich√©] or at promo events - but never a deep plum. I've bought them before but always worried that they made my teeth look pure yellow, so it's never really been on the cards for me. Until now

From the moment I applied my first coat of Diva, I was sold. It has the nicest formula; it really glides on and a little goes a long way. Like, a proper long way. To the extent that you have to really blot it before living life, or it does have a tendency to bleed / smudge everywhere [and on everything in your path. Especially my massive chin.] I just feel so Autumnal, guys. And basic, obv. #MyLife

Mac Diva Lipstick Lovelaughslipstick beauty fashion lifestyle blog

That's the main reason I ended up ordering the Ms Diva lip liner, to be honest [the smudging, not my massive chin.] I was a smudgey-ass mess the first couple of times I tried to wear this - and it was totes obv, with it being a dark shade. 

I also like to overline my top lip a little when I get ready properly, to try and even it out with my considerably larger bottom lip. This was NOT at all possible without the introduction of the lip liner; it looked pure messy and like I'd a] got ready in a moving vehicle with a shaky hand or b] was taking style tips from ma gurl Miranda Sings

Mac Diva Lipstick Lovelaughslipstick beauty fashion lifestyle blog
Mac Diva Lipstick Lovelaughslipstick beauty fashion lifestyle blog

I really, really love Diva. Aside from Mac's Brave, I'd rank it as my favourite shade of Mac lippy [though in all fairness, I'm that poor, I've only tried about 4 Mac lip products in my lifetime, so I'm probs not the most credible in this respect.] 

Diva has a bit of a blue tone to it, so it doesn't make my teeth look as yellow as I worry they are and with a simple eye makeup look, it's the perfect Autumnal statement pout. I think it's probably a bit heavy for me to pull off during the day [I work in an office of just blokes, who would probs question my motives] but for evening drinks, nights out and posh meals, I am all over it.

Mac Diva Lipstick Lovelaughslipstick beauty fashion lifestyle blog

This shade will be featuring in countless Autumn inspired fashion and beauty posts over the next few weeks [on both my blog and no doubt a whole host of other bloggers', too.] I guess dupe wise, I also really loved this lip crayon from Technic Cosmetics, which is a similar shade [with a great formula]but for a fraction of the price, but yeno. I proper love a good dupe, but once the shopping bug bites, I have to itch it. With cash, credit cards and desperate money making schemes [plz buy everything off my Depop #NotAJoke]


Have you tried Diva before? What's your favourite Mac lip colour? What lipstick is your go-to for effortless Autumnal Style? 

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