I'm no mua. I just about manage to make my face look presentable on a day-to-day basis; the struggle is real. BUT it's Halloween and in order to get into the festive spirit, I've bashed together a few easy makeup looks over the past few days to [hopefully] inspire you [or failing that, just make you laugh at how sh*t they are] and this post is the latest in the series. Details of any accessories used in this series of posts can be found here, in case you're interested. Now let's get crackin'.

Easy Halloween Makeup #3 - Creepy Cobwebs

Lovelaughslipstick blog - Halloween Cobweb Makeup Looks
Lovelaughslipstick blog - Halloween Cobweb Makeup Looks
Lovelaughslipstick blog - Halloween Cobweb Makeup Looks

First off, I feel I need to apologise for the kinda smudgey / sparse eyeliner in places in these images. And the massively sh*t spiders. I could have used a finer liner, I could have tried harder and I could have got this a million times more precise [which would have looked a million times better] but to be frank, I couldn't be arsed scrubbing it all off once I'd started. It's not too shabby though, right? I was quite happy how this turned out.

Once again, alls you really need is eyeliner to create this cobwebby makeup look. I used a dark Morphe eyeshadow on my eyes and blended it ferociously, before attacking with highlighter. My eyes are lined to hell and back with black kohl eyeliner and liquid liner too; as well as boasting TWO PAIRS of falsies for a super dramatic look. I have a pair of my favourite Lash Unlimited #9 lashes on my bottom lash line and a pair of Ardell lashes on my top lash line. Before I applied the falsies, I layered on Mac's False Lash Effect mascara and drew spiders and cobwebs galore around my eyes with liquid liner. My lips are a TOTAL disaster, but I tried to do an ombre type look with black liner smudged in with Mac's Ms Diva lip pencil.

You could do so much more with this look if you wanted to - it has tonnes of potench. You could stick cute little body gems in the cobwebs, use stick-on crystals to make the spiders' bodies and lash on loads of fabulous glitter - but yeno, I'm poor and don't have any of these things. So that's the best I could rustle together for ya today, folks.


What do you think of this look? Easy, right? What are you going as for Halloween this year? 

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