I'm no pro mua. In fact, it took me an age to figure out what mua even meant; during that phase in life where every girl seemed to have it at the end of their Facebook name. BUT it's Halloween and in order to get into the festive spirit, I've bashed together a few easy makeup looks to [hopefully] inspire you [or failing that, just make you laugh at how sh*t they are.] Details of any accessories used in this series of posts can be found here, in case you're interested.

Easy Halloween Makeup #1 - The Creepy Cat

I'll be honest; if I do Halloween, I normally go as a cat. Mainly because it's an easy costume - but also, because I'm a bit of a crazy cat lady, the outfit is pretty cute & doesn't make you look like a sack of sh*t and it's roughly Halloween related. I have a few pairs of cat ears [and even a tail] on standby; and other than that, all you really need is an eyeliner. Here's a couple of cat inspired looks I've bashed together for #HalloweenSixteen. They're proper easy, pretty flattering and the beauty is that you don't need any special tools or SFX makeup to create them.

Lovelaughslipstick blog - Halloween Cat Makeup Looks
Lovelaughslipstick blog - Halloween Cat Makeup Looks

Basic Kitty

This look is suuuuuuper quick and easy to do. Alllllll about that liquid eyeliner life. The nose is shaded in with a pinky-lilac shade from one of my Morphe palettes, I've gone wild with highlighter from Technic Cosmetics and of course, my lashes are #9s from LashUnlimited. The rest of my face is just drawn on with my favourite Bourjois liquid eyeliner, tbh. A basic look for a basic biatch [me.] My lace choker is from LASULA and I thought it looked like a cute little collar as part of this look. Teamed with a black outfit, cat tail pinned on my bum and this black headband with ears, it's a simple and easy and look - which is quick to get off your face once the night is done.

Lovelaughslipstick blog - Halloween Cat Makeup Looks
Lovelaughslipstick blog - Halloween Cat Makeup Looks
Lovelaughslipstick blog - Halloween Cat Makeup Looks
Lovelaughslipstick blog - Halloween Cat Makeup Looks


I've never tried to create anything like this before, but it was surprisingly easy. I know mine looks like a pile of sh*te compared to all the ones on YouTube; but I'm not a mua [or anything close to it] - so if I can create this look [with my novice level of skill] I'm pretty sure you guys will be able to do it too; even better than me. 

I plastered my face in an orangey-bronze loose pigment from Peaches and Cream, using a neutral base eyeshadow from Makeup Revolution to add lighter tones to my forehead and cheeks and my Technic highlighter. Next, using a black kohl eyeliner, I drew on my leopard spots; before using my smallest Crownbrush to dab another loose Peaches and Cream pigment into their inners, to lighten them. Liquid eyeliner achieved the rest of the details on my face. I also used a little NYX bronze eyeliner in my eyelid crease and a lipstick I got in an old Birchbox to finish the look.


What do you think of these looks? Easy, right? What are you going as for Halloween this year? 

Keep your eyes peeled on the blog this week for other Halloween posts going live daily. Featuring lots more awkward selfies and crappy makeup attempts, obv [#winning.]

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