I'm very hit and miss with Snapchat [username: love_lippy]. Sometimes, I forget it exists and continue happily living life without the dog face filter [don't need no filter to look like a mongrel, me #Sassy.] Other times, I'm pure obsessed with it; constantly refreshing for updates and posting endless, pointless selfies with the filters. I also enjoy using it to swear and put on weird accents; most of the time, unintentionally. And of course, bath-snapping is my speciality.

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I don't follow that many bloggers on Snapchat [I need more of you!? Whack your usernames in the comments below] but those that I do are all pretty special. I just wanted to share a bit of non-creepy love today; for some of those girlies I always enjoy watching [see why I had to stress the fact this isn't a creepy activity?!] on Snappy C


I'm a little bit obsessed with this girly, tbh. Again, I reiterate - in the least creepy way. I LOVE watching her YouTube Channel and watching Lexi's Snapchat is like a little filler; between waiting for her next vlog. Plus, she's frigging gorgeous, manages to live with a boy without murdering him & proper makes me lol - #LifeGoals


Issy legit shares the exact same sense of humour as me and I love watching her snaps for all the lolz. In real life, we could totes be bezzies, I reckon. If you're after a laugh, add her right now. Even if you're not, just do it anyway. 


Leah is like, the main reason I decided to get a blog Snapchat and get on camera. She's a pure inspiration and full on babe. If you've never watched her before, you're missing out. She shows us snippets of her life, ootds, tons of makeup looks and her home interior - which is just absolute goals & makes my flat look like a smack den. 


I really enjoy watching Georgie's snaps - if you're into watching Blogger Mail unboxing, she's the one. I don't even know how you manage to get your hands on so much amazing stuff girly [aside from the fact that your blog & Instagram are unreal] but please never stop - soooo many of my recent purchases [including various beauty boxes, Makeup Geek eyeshadow pans & even where to book my holiday this year] have been influenced by you. I was this close to booking that hotel you visited in Protaris. It looked incredible.


I love our Jem, aka Dorkface & my fave creative ray of sunshine. Like again, every time I watch her Snapchat Stories I pure lol at how similar we are and how we both swear so much. And call inanimate objects 'slags' haha. Definitely a scouse thing. Again, we're very similar & I feel like we could totes be bezzies - plus I weep at the cuteness every time Luna shows her face.


I adore Laura - she's a proper beauty [like totally babein'], dead funny and I only need to say one more word here to explain why I enjoy following her stories so much : Waffle


Who do you enjoy watching on Snapchat? Any suggestions on who I should be following on there? In case you're interested, my username is love_lippy and I post lots of swearing, blogger mail, mad rambles and bubble bath chats. And of course, make pointless good use of the filters. Let's be mates and feed my Snapchat addiction!

Lovelaughslipstick blog - health beauty fashion lifestyle blogger
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