Similar to the displeasure I've expressed about certain beauty products recently [here and here], clothing retailers haven't got off scott free. It's now their turn to face my sarcastic rage.

This post is exactly what it says in the title - a run down of some of the retailers [both those who trade physically on the high street and those who only trade online] that I have beef with; for various reasons. Again, these are just my opinions, which have stemmed from experiences I've had with these brands - you might absolutely love these stores & not have a single bad word to say about them. And that's okay too :}

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As much as I do genuinely love H&M, their sizing can be a bit... mental. I'm talking mostly about their bikinis here, really. Which I guess is seasonal, but still very valid, beef

I adore H&M's range of swimwear, but they're just so effing tiny that I can't cope. Even when I was a size 10 & on the more slender side of life, I still needed to size up to about a size 18 to get maintain any form of dignity on the breast department. And it's not even as though I have pure massive jugs - I just don't understand. Even the bikinis with actual cup sizes ran about 3 sizes too small. Please sort this out, H&M. You're missing out on so much of my hard earned cash, here.


I LOVE stalking Missguided's website; everything is so so beautiful. But it's also so, so small fit wise - I've had to totally stop shopping with them now, as the trust has been broken with numerous bad experiences - I never know how their garments will fit me. Miss Pap are the same - I ordered a few pieces from them recently and even their biggest sizes were tiny on me / verging on porn. I'm a UK size 12. How can this be?!


I LOVE Forever21 and I get a lot [the majority of my wardrobe] from them. But I do have a slight bit of beef with their sizing system - making things in XS, S, M & L isn't a great way to live. It's not the most inclusive sizing scale ever, let's be honest.

As a tall size 12, I find that some of their size L stuff fits me fine; but other items [such as their playsuits] give me wedgies / bad times like no other. I just don't think this system is that effective - it would be much better for them to work with sizes such as 8,10,12,14 etc so I'd know where I stand. And if I'm a size large as a size 12, it's a bit unfair to anyone who takes a bigger size than me, dontcha think?! Given that the average size of a woman in the UK is around a size 14?! 

ALSO THEIR DENIM - I've never been able to successfully buy shorts or jeans from Forever21, as the sizing is in numbers and I can't understand it. I think it's like, maybe your waist size in inches? But I don't know that and it stresses me out even trying to estimate it and I just give up.


The last time I ordered with these guys directly, it was a total disaster. Enough of a disaster to make me swear I'd never order with them again. I can't be arsed to go into the whole debacle here, but I wouldn't recommend them to you. Especially if you want an item delivered for a certain date [or at all!] I once overheard a conversation where one girl asked her friend why she thought they'd called their company 'Boohoo' and the other replied 'Boohoo - because you're crying about how bad the service is.' She wasn't wrong. I've seen loads of you on Twitter have similar experiences to mine recently; paying for next day delivery, for it to never show up. Nah, these lads aren't in my good books.


Oh my word. Never in all my days have I seen something as unprofessional and as ANNOYING as this; it's worse then the bloggers that serial offend doing this to me. Some of them have got so bad, I've had to block them. I'm LOOKING AT YOU, MINNYSUK, MISSVANILLAUK & LUXEMME!! I would never have worked with Luxemme if I'd known that this was their game - it's not even just the company account, their 'director' used to do it to me too. Soz Liam lad, you're blocked too now. And I'm still waiting for a reply to my email from over 12 months ago. LOL #LiveAndLearn

Which clothing retailers grind your gears? Had any bad experiences you'd like to share below?
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