I love a good moan, me. I can't be that girl; permanently buzzing about life - I am a miserable, sarcastic old bag at times [well, 99% of the time] especially before coffee. I love a good swear, too [in case you hadn't noticed.] Anyway.

Sometimes it's good to come online and have a vent about your experiences, especially when it comes to details about products which others may potentially be about to waste their money on. Which I guess means I can reason that my cynicism and irrational rage towards stuff is for the greater good? LOL #GodLovesATrier

I'm here again today to share some more thoughts on beauty products that were, to put it frankly, a load of bollocks. You should probably check out my other post [here] too, whilst you're at it - for details of more shockingly sh*t beauty products. Arm yourselves with knowledge friends, and save those well earned pennies for something worth possessing. 

Again I'd like to reiterate that one of the beautiful things about beauty products is that they work differently for everyone and each of us are entitled to our own opinions on them - so if you love any of the products in this post, that's okay too :}

NYX Cream / Gel Eyeshadow Pot 
I don't even know why I bought this; I was going to an event in London and thought this would look sh*t hot. It in fact, was just plain old crap. I bought like, a dark brown cream shadow, which was a pretty weird consistency. It was so sh*t; it applied horrendously and hell, it even LOOKED like sh*t. My friend looked at me with concern when I was done, as if I'd just smeared mud around my eyes. Then she suggested she did my makeup for me instead [with a worried look in her eyes.] Cheers NYX, lads

Mac Brow Pomade
Now, it wasn't that the product itself was sh*t here - it was the fact I ordered some online and the shade looked like, NOTHING like it did on the website when it arrived. How many filters do you use plz Mac?! I ordered a brunette pomade, but what turned up was like... an orangey looking joke?! Expectation vs Reality probs. I won't be shopping online for stuff like this again, the trust is now broken.

Essie Nail Polishes, off Beauty Bay
Now, I'm not sure that this is a problem with ALL Essie  nail polishes, but I bought three off Beauty Bay recently which let me down big time. Essie polishes aren't cheap. Fact. And so when the pastel ones I bought went gloopy and got that weird water stuff in them [you know what I mean by this, right?] before I'd even had a chance to use them, I was raging. Will just stick with the cheap and cheerful moving forward, taa.

I only bought this the other week and I blogged here about how excited I was to try it. Spoiler alert - it did literally nothing for me. If anything, my skin looked oilier on the days I wore this?! Meaning I spent £11 or something to look like some kind of rancid wax work. No thanks Mac, I'll pass mate.

W7 In the Buff Eyeshadow Palette
I bought this from B&M Bargains [my fave place ever, other than the bath] after seeing bloggers talk about how it's the perfect dupe for some palette from Urban Decay I could never afford [and therefore know nothing about.] And don't get me wrong, it looks great, has some lovely shades and when you swatch it, the pigmentation looks fab. It's just, it's not fab. It's pretty crap. Something which I only realised recently, when I splashed out on more expensive eyeshadows from Morphe & Makeup Geek

Yeah it works, you can wear the eyeshadows; but they feel itchy and grainy when you apply them. My eyes water like a mofo whenever I wear any of the colours [something which I've noticed with a lot of cheap products] and the eyeshadows don't have particularly long staying power. I just thought that alongside my brittle bones and everything, I just had dodgy eyes too; that were destined to water everytime I made a effort. Nope, just this palette. Brilliant.

NYX High Definition Concealer
This stuff was 'high definition' alright - because it wouldn't ever properly blend into my skin. So on photos you could defo see it - but in all the wrong ways and places. Maybe I just picked up the wrong shade or something, but I'm in no rush to try this again.

Clearasil On the Spot Cream
This stuff. Does it work for anyone? It's supposed to reduce the appearance and redness of spots within four hours of application... but can anyone get it to stay on for that long?! If you so much as brush against it, it rolls into like tacky stretchy goo on your skin and feels totally rank. I've noticed no benefit using this either. Just a horrible lingering stickiness to my skin. #Goals


Which products have betrayed you recently? Have you had similar experiences with any of these bad boys, or have you been lucky enough to get along with them?

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