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I've become pretty obsessed with Instagram recently. I've not really got into Stories yet [mainly cos I can't be arsed] but the amount of time I'm spending double tapping my way through images has rapidly increased over these past few weeks. Insta stalking has now made it into my morning scroll routine; along with Twitter, emails and the daily news. Doesn't matter if you're late for life, as long as you've got your daily stalk in - right?

Anyway, the massive amount of time I'm spending over there has meant I've began to build a list of fav Instagrammers; those who are constantly beasting out content which makes me weep with both jealousy & admiration at the same time. Obv there are a million accounts I stalk and love very much, but today's post is a run down of the few which instantly spring to mind. All accounts are linked, so if you fancy a stalk you can just click to witness the fitness.

Jennifer's account is so beautiful, I've pretty much liked every photo she's ever uploaded. For me, her account is pretty much every goal I've ever had since starting my blog & she deserves at least a million times more followers than she has at the moment. The next big thing.

I LOVE Leah's feed - it's girly, professional and insanely beautiful. Everything she posts - be this outfits, beauty, home or food snaps - slays. I've said it before and I'll say it again, her beautiful home interior makes my flat look like a smack den. Constant source of inspo.

Georgie's photography is legit GOALS - no wonder you have so many Insta followers, girly! The prettiest use of fairylights I've ever seen and an inspiration to me in improving my own photos. Again, since discovering and falling in love with Georgie's feed, I have double tapped on pretty much everything I've seen from her.

Emmy's Colourpop collection makes me weep - it's so so beautiful. I admire her so much for beasting out consistently unreal images, despite having been recovering from various surgeries this past year. Her dedication is unreal. She's one of my absolute favs - in blogging and in friendship, so go check my girl out. 

Becky's feed is so stunning it takes my breath away. Light, minimal and lux images - with sprinklings of her BEAUTIFUL little doggy in between [which make me squeal out loud at the cuteness, I want a little sausage dog so effing much!! I want to call mine Wilson.]

Chloe's Insta and blog are beautiful. Again, another massive inspiration to me - not just in terms of her photography and blog, but in how much she manages to achieve and cram into her busy lifestyle. She's the definition of #GirlBoss and deserves all the success in the world.

From what I stalked on Twitter, I saw that Fran gave a frigging awesome talk on how to improve your blog photography at an event recently. And you can tell she knows EXACTLY what she's talking about - Fran's photography is always on point and her flatlays inspire me. Fran's that good at what she does, that she made a flatlay of McDonalds food and made it look UNREAL recently. #Goals. Ronald McDonald is missing a trick here!

You know the phrase 'The blogger made me buy it'? Yeah, well sgx____'s feed does that to me. Her feed is beautiful, she's a top babe and I love her style, too. 100% deserves a ton more followers - go go go.

Jemma has the prettiest, brightest and most inspirational feed ever. And I mean ever. Her creativity and bright personality shine through in errrthang she posts. And I'm in LOVE with her latest hair colour - I am seriously considering joining team lilac myself, now.

Truth be told, I'm a bit obsessed with our Katy. In real life, I feel we could totes be best friends. I spend so much of my time watching her vlogs and snaps - she's destined for big things, this one. Katy's feed is insanely beautiful and I can't believe the travesty that is the fact she has SO MUCH LESS OF A FOLLOWING ON INSTA THAN SHE DESERVES. My girl deserves literally a zillion more followers than she has at present; her content is beautiful and she works so hard. Let's make that happen.

Laura's feed is breathtaking. Her Urban Decay posts at the moment are truly something else. Laura's blog is one of the few I've followed the longest, for good reason. Her photography just keeps getting better and better and as a fellow Liverpool dweller, top babe and hypermobile honey, I want to support her as much as possible. And you should too :}


Do you follow these guys, too? Who are your fav Instagrammers? Got any suggestions for me?

Lovelaughslipstick blog - a health fashion beauty and lifestyle blogger - favourite instagram accounts
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