Anyone who knows me, even on a casual basis [ie the Postman] will be well aware that I hate feet. Some people's trotters [mostly those belonging to males] are just plain wrong

So if you share my dislike, fear and loathing of feet; be warned, this post is all about them. Though there's no direct trotter shots involved, don't worry. 

I'm in fact talking about Kocostar's Foot Moisture Pack [okay, the name makes me shudder a bit, but bear with] which I picked up during one of the Beauty Bay shopping sprees I take part in regularly, but can never actually afford. And I felt I needed to share this experience with you guys.

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I'd read reviews on these packs before, which is why I caved and got one - as the general consensus was positive. Although I don't have much dry skin on my feet [plz excuse me while I go and do a vomit] these masks are supposed to cause the dead skin to literally peel off, like you're shelling an orange - I'm sure you'll have seen them on the internet before. And possibly vommed a bit.

As a massive fan of all things grim, like Dr Pimple Popper [I'm alllllll about those spot poppin' vids, let's be honest] this sounded right up my street, and as I put the foot mask bags on my feet and lolled at how much like shower caps / nappies they looked, I was secretly excited

The online reviews for this particular peeling foot mask were that it took a few days to see any difference, but when it kicked in, sh*t loadsa skin just fell off; which sounded super satisfying [tho rancid] to me. And I'm all about prepping my feet for flip flop weather.

Lovelaughslipstick Blog- Fashion Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger

So, did they work? Despite their resemblance to nappies, were these packs effective? Are my feet reborn and looking ten years younger? 

In a word: NO. In a few more, descriptive words: ARE THEY SH*TE. 

And I'm devoed, tbh. I was really looking forward to doing a spot of skin shelling - like when you used to cover your skin in PVA glue at school, just to peel it all off again. But despite leaving my feet feeling nice and moisturised after first taking the packs off, I have noticed absolutely ZERO difference - and this hurts my soul.

Lovelaughslipstick Blog- Fashion Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger

I guess maybe, the silver lining to this foot-shaped cloud, is that maybe my skin didn't pure peel off because I don't have that much dead sh*te knocking around on my feet in the first place. But yeno, I'd have expected a little more action than what these masks actually gave me [story of my life.] 

I wouldn't recommend this particular Foot Moisture Pack. At all. Unless you have particularly mad, crusty-old hobbit feet, in which case, covering them with the bags in this pack is probably quite a good idea. I guess for £6 though, I won't lose too much sleep over it. Though I have lost hope.

Have you tried a foot peeling pack that actually works? Got any recommendations for me? Have you tried this particular one before?
Lovelaughslipstick Blog- Fashion Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger
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