Makeup brushes. That old chestnut. If I had a pound for every makeup brush I've owned and lost on a night out [whilst I've been twirling my bag around like a madman during 'Gangnam Style' or chatting to my new best friends in the toilets] I could probably just buy myself a new face and be done with makeup all together. 

I resent paying a small fortune for brushes in all honesty; a lot of the time, you're paying purely for the brand name or the way they look, rather than how they actually perform. And as my life is ruled by an extreme budget, I have learnt to be aware of this fact. Plus, the heartbreak you go through when you discover your pricey best bae [my pressed powder brush, usually] has left you for the dancefloor isn't something I want to go through more than I have to.

I feel peer pressure when blogging, sometimes. Even at the tender age of 28, I'm not immune to this shiz. I see bloggers with stacks of expensive makeup brushes and wish with all my might that I could have that lifestyle too; often caving and buying things I know I can't afford. But you know what guys - we can have this lifestyle, just on a budget that's actually attainable. You just need to know where to look. There are plenty of lux looking, high performing - yet low costing brushes out there; one excellent example of this being these brushes I picked out from Technic Cosmetics* recently.

Lovelaughslipstick Blog - Technic Cosmetics Makeup Brushes Review
Lovelaughslipstick Blog - Technic Cosmetics Makeup Brushes Review

Just look at them - aren't they gorgeous? And this is only a small selection of the vast range Technic stock, too. I love Technic Cosmetics - they provide affordable, on point beauty products which allow everyone to immerse themselves in the latest trends; without having to declare bankrupty. 

Every single style of brush Technic sell costs under a fiver. Even the big ones. See what I mean now? Not like these over-priced, over-hyped names who'll charge you like, £7 for a tiny eyeshadow brush alone. And these Technic brushes look just as pretty, amiright?

Lovelaughslipstick Blog - Technic Cosmetics Makeup Brushes Review

From L-R : Foundation Brush*, £3.99 |  Slanted Eyeshadow Brush*, £3.99 | Eyeshadow Brush*, £2.99 | Slanted Blusher Brush*, £2.99 | Concealer Brush*, £2.99 | Smudger Brush*, £2.99

You can't argue with those prices, can you? Especially for brushes that look so flipping good. And how do they perform? Pretty flipping good as well, to be honest with you. I can't fault them at all - especially for the price. Each brush is soft and fluffy, with beautiful dip dyed bristles which make them look a LOT more expensive than they actually were. They're nice to hold and give you all the precision and control you could need.

Lovelaughslipstick Blog - Technic Cosmetics Makeup Brushes Review
Lovelaughslipstick Blog - Technic Cosmetics Makeup Brushes Review

Foundation Brush, £3.99 
Thicker, sturdy brush with flat, firm bristles. Weight and size of the brush gives you perfect control when applying foundation.

Slanted Eyeshadow Brush, £3.99 
This brush is so soft, but yet still has such a precise angle. Perfect for using around the eye area; brushes which are too firm or too angled can be pretty painful when adding in those final touches.

Eyeshadow Brush, £2.99 
Lovely fluffy, soft brush - the perfect blending tool and the perfect size for working that inner crease.

Slanted Blusher Brush, £2.99 
This brush is so soft, it feels amazing. Builds a very subtle blush across the cheekbones - would probably also be a nice tool to highlight with.

Concealer Brush, £2.99 
Soft yet firm, teensy flat brush; ideal for patting concealer into place and getting those hard-to-reach spots. I personally think this is one of the best concealer brushes I've ever owned.

Smudger Brush, £2.99
Soft yet precise. Ideal for smudging kohl eyeliner under your lower lashline; for a smouldering, smokey look.

Lovelaughslipstick Blog - Technic Cosmetics Makeup Brushes Review

I'm really impressed with Technic's Makeup Brushes - what do you think of them? I mean, design wise, you can't beat them - especially not for those prices, can you? Have you tried anything from Technic Cosmetics yet?
Lovelaughslipstick Blog - Technic Cosmetics Makeup Brushes Review

*This post contains items I was gifted for the purpose of review, but as always, all rambly / sweary opinions voiced are totes my own

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