I've overshared a lot with you guys over the years. From the time that wasp stung me in the crotch area, my experiences living as a pauper, my bum and that time I accidentally said 'strap on' to a customer & died inside. 

So today, I thought I'd continue to bare my soul to the internets and take on the A-Z of Me Tag. Sharing's caring and all that - and I don't really have a filter / any shame [or dignity] remaining these days; so get to know me better with the fun, personal answers below!

Lovelaughslipstick Blog - The A - Z Of Me Tag

A is for Arsehole Man. I mention him and his stupid antics a lot over on Twitter. He lives above me, and when he's not having loud, aggressive intercourse with his wife; he's usually listening to Adele / Scooter, shaking the floorboards with his snoring or encouraging his satanic child to make as much noise as possible. I can't stand him, but also, can't afford to move or do anything about it. Yay, life!

B is for Bunnies. I want a pet bunny more than anything else in the world ever. B is also for Beauty Bay; which steals most of my money these days.

C is for Crumpets. Cheese. Chocolate. And Cats. All the finer things in life.

D is for Deaf Leslie. The man, the myth, the legend. And the best / worst Uber driver experience you'll ever have hahahaha.

E is for Eggs. Chocolate or the chicken-laid kind, I don't care. Eggs are life. I have been known to chant [both sober and smashed] EGGS! EGGS! EGGS! at every given opportunity.

F is for FML. Something I yell and mutter internally to myself most days.

G is for Gilbert; my ultimate favourite taxi driver ever, who looks exactly like Patrick Trueman off Eastenders.

H is for Hollyoaks; my guilty pleasure.

I is for IT Crowd. Both a bloody brilliant TV Comedy Series and also, pretty much the story of my working life these days. It's also for Ibiza Weekender which I've been watching on ITV2 and become addicted to. I think I need to become a rep tbh.

J is for Jagermeister - my favourite alcoholic drink ever and the culprit behind many a shame filled evening.

K is for Kittens. Just because, kittens.

L is for Lattes, my favourite variant of coffee and my ultimate downfall at McDonalds [aside from their chocolate muffins and double cheeseburgers - plain.]

M is for Money and the fact I don't have any. LOL.

N is for Nikki. Cos that's me.

O is for Overthinking - which has pretty much become a full time profession of mine lately.

P is for Pod Squard. Though we came together initally to beat the Instagram algorithm, our group chat makes my life hahaha. #50ShadesOfCaitlin

Q is for Qualified. I have a degree yeno, I'm not just a top knobhead - I've got a cheeky 2:1 in Media; specialising in Journalism & Photography. Swish.

R is for Rude. I adore rude, immature and downright inappropriate humour haha. I'm like a teenage boy most of the time; sat pure lolling to South Park.

S is for Sleep. My one true love.

T is for Tuna. Pasta, tuna and cheese is my staple meal, love of my life and key to my heart.

U is for University. The best days of my entire life, that I miss with every fibre of my being.

V is for Very Niiiiiiice; a quote by my idol, Borat

W is for Wine. Red, red wine.

X is for X-rays. Plural. I've had enough of these b*stards to last me a lifetime, and I'm off for another one at the end of the month. Who needs a decent bone density anyway?

Y is for Yoghurts, and how I'm incapable of eating / opening one without it spilling triumphantly across my person. Oh and it's also for YouTube, which I might start properly one day soon; if I can be arsed.

Z is for Zoolander. One of my favourite films ever; up there with Borat, Stepbrothers, Not Another Teen Movie, Ali G In The House and Deuce Bigalow: European Gigalo. You know, all the dead mature, sophisticated movies.

Have you done this tag yet? Let me know if you have in the comments below; I love being nosy and reading stuff like this! What did you think of my answers?Lovelaughslipstick Blog - A Fashion Lifestyle and Beauty Blogger
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