Although I'm in no position to be marrying anyone right now [though I would marry my duvet in a heartbeat tbh, hun] a lot of my friends are either getting married in 2019 / 2020 or legit got married this year & honeymooned [is that the right verb, or?] to some proper fit parts of the world. Which got me all jel.

I love travel and dreaming about all the exotic locations I wanna visit before I'm [even] old[er] - most of these places being beaches & islands; surrounded by blue oceans & not a cloud in the sky. I'm at my happiest on a beach, next to the sea - and after having seen friends' honeymoon pics & Insta stories from pyar beaut scenery around the world, it's got me massively forward planning mine. On a beach.  

I won't lie, beach honeymoons are probably one of my main incentives for considering marrying someone at some point, hahaha. And the possibility of a beach wedding - I've seen a few on the small, private beaches of Olu Deniz in Turkey when I was there - and on a fair few Greek islands too. And they're just perfect.

I remember I was watching a wedding on a Greek beach [can't remember which island - maybe Kefalonia?] when all of a sudden this HUGE tropical wasp flew and got tangled in my hair cos it was dead breezy and THE PANIC WAS UNREAL. Everyone was marching in this dead cute bridal procession, and I literally went and leapt in the sea mid procession - screaming & whacking my own hair, to try get this animal out me locks. ANYWAY.

Mykonos, Greece |  full photo credit Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Today's post is another one to get my wanderlust going; one that gives me an excuse to talk about beautiful spots in the world I wanna visit; potentially with the person I decide I wanna spend the rest of my life with, on our honeymoon. In no particular order, these are my top 10 DREAM honeymoon destinations.

1. The Maldives
I think everyone's seen photos of the Maldives before; they're plastered all over Pinterest and pretty much perfect in every way. Pure white sand, dazzling azure sea and those little wooden villas sat just above the ocean. I think the Maldives is home to that restaurant entirely underwater, too? [correct me if I'm wrong, but I'd love to dine there on my honeymoon.]

There's scuba diving, snorkelling and island spas; making it an exotic bliss located pretty much in the middle of nowhere. Relaxing AF. 

2. Fiji
Fiji is rated as one of the world's most relaxing beaches and one of the best places in Australia / New Zealand to visit. Australia is one of the places I'd move to in a heartbeat tbh; the accent, wildlife and laid back attitude of its residents [not to mention all the Lord of The Rings / Neighbours sets you can visit] has enticed me for a long time

It's surrounded by azure blue seas, full of lovely resorts and has beautiful coral reefs just waiting to be explored. Its remote location and traditions are said to give you an amazing feeling of relaxation & seclusion away from everyday western life; which would be a right treat; especially for ya honeymoon. I'll be looking at all things honeymoons Fiji related for the foreseeable future now tbh.

Fiji, Image Credit :
Fiji, Image Credit :
Image Credit [for both images]  :

3. Bali
I've wanted to go to Bali for as long as I can remember - and I have two friends who both went as part of their honeymoons this year, just to add salt to the wound. It had to make this list. 

Bali looks incredible. The landscape is just something else; so green and lush, with huge volcanoes edged with sandy shores & bright blue oceans. My dream honeymoon here would be spent lazing on the beach, indulging in the food / local spas and having a cheeky lil boogie in Kuta at night. Plus the animal sanctuaries in Bali that I follow on Insta honestly break my heart with cuteness; so I'd have to go and volunteer at least once too.

4. Seychelles
Another lux location in the sun that's been on my list since FOREVER, Seychelles is just unreal. Made up of 115 islands plonked in the Indian Ocean on the east side of Africa, the scenery looks tear-jerkingly perfect - it's all over motivational quotes online, takes the shape of most of the beach-themed backgrounds & screensavers on our technology & is right at home on the back of a postcard. 

White beaches, palm trees, blue seas and zen looking boulders. Seychelles in a nutshell! There's also a chance to see tropical birds of paradise and tortoises along the famous coastline, and I would not be able to cope with that... I love animals so much *weeps*

Seychelles, Image taken from
Seychelles, image taken from :
Image credit : Image One | Image Two

5. Thailand
I've never been to Thailand; though I have friends who live there now and others who religiously visit every year because of how insanely beautiful & zen it is. Plus, after watching that BBC 3 show about Bangkok Airport, I wanna go purely to meet some of the staff there now, hahaha

I have my beady eye set on Phuket I think; it seems quite reasonably priced but yet just as heavenly / picture perfect / paradise-like as some of the more lux, high-end locations on my list. Again; stunning white sands, turquoise oceans and stunning limestone cliffs are just waiting there for me to snap a thousand shots of & weep over them - plus there's spas, boat tours, great cuisine and a rich Buddhist culture to be explored. Heaven.

6. Bora Bora, French Polynesia
One of the most expensive destinations on the list, Bora Bora is like... the absolute dream. I remember showing one of the apprentices in work years ago images of the island & we were both just overwhelmed with its beauty & how we will always likely be too poor to ever visit. BUT WE CAN DREAM

The island itself is teeny-tiny - only  6 miles long, but packed with natural beauty. Bora Bora is centered with a dormant volcano; which spans out into lush jungle, which tapers out into beautiful coastline and perfectly turquoise oceans. You can snorkel, sunbathe, walk and explore the main island port [Vaitape] whilst you're there... but I'd spend 99% of my time weeping in happiness I reckon.

Bora Bora, image taken from
Bora Bora, image taken from
Image credit : Image One | Image Two

7. The Amalfi Coast
My best friend & I were looking at booking somewhere to stay along the Amalfi Coast last year, before we realised it was just too expensive for us and we jibbed it and went to Zante instead. However I still really, really wanna go. The scenery - breathtaking mountains, rolling hills and greenery faced with beautiful villages and beaches, gets me going big style. PLUS the food. I need say no more.

8. Tahiti, French Polynesia
Eyyy, French Polynesia are smashing this list, lmao. Remember those Turnt Alien memes?! Anyway.

Similar to the absolute BEAUTY of Bora Bora, Tahiti is another highly rated, idyllic island in the sun. It boasts beaut French cuisine, miles of unspoilt coastline, warm waters and some of the most luxurious resorts going; sat alongside leafy, wild forests. Tahiti itself is actually commonly referred to as 2 islands - this in spite of the fact they're joined by a lil bridge [this is almost too cute of a fact.] Tahiti Nui is the larger bit and Tahiti Iti takes its place as the smaller half. Both exceedingly beautiful, and obv exceedingly expensive too.

Tahiti, French Polynesia, image taken from
Tahiti, French Polynesia, image taken from
Image Credit : Image One | Image Two

9. Mykonos
I've been to Mykonos before - but I'd honestly get married there, or on any of the Greek islands I've visited tbh, in a heartbeat. They're my happy place, just perfect. Mykonos really captured my heart when I went in 2016; it's probably the most expensive / cosmopolitan place I've holidayed so far in me life, and it was beautiful

Here or Kefalonia would be two dream honeymoon locations for me - there's still so much left to see. And Kefalonia is so quiet, affordable and secluded; it's impossible to not feel insanely relaxed whilst you're there. There's tours, amazing food [Greek cuisine is my fav], boat trips, speed boats, yachts to hire, wildlife, picturesque ports and areas with great nightlife too - the perfect mix. I'm also really keen to visit Crete - I've been looking at ways to get about the island and the Rental Center Crete are a fantastic shout; if you're heading there too.

10. South Africa
I want to go on a safari. I want to see whales living their dream in the seaSouth Africa would be a dream come TRUE - somewhere I've heard about from rich friends & aspire to visit madly

I think I'd honeymoon in Cape Town, if I could. Full of some of the world's most stunning natural scenery [including the famous Table Mountain] - contrastingly mixed with thriving nightlife and a real buzz, Cape Town is full of history, culture, sights to see and has beaches to chill on. And, rumour has it, the most incredible food. SIGN ME UP

Mykonos, Greece |  full photo credit Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Beach Honeymoons
Many / most of my chosen locations are beach related, let's be honest - my love for the sea and the beach means I'd much, much prefer a beach honeymoon than to travel to other destinations; like pure mountains or busy cities. Just a personal preference, like

The Maldives is one of my premium beach honeymoon choices - but other places that haven't made my Top 10; such as Dubai or St Lucia are other places I'd definitely consider... thanks to the beautiful photos I've seen of them, the bangin' weather & mix of culture vs beach. And the amount of things to do. 

Where would your top ten dream honeymoon destinations be?
*Collaborative post, but all opinions are totes my own. All images used, where not owned by myself, have been credited.
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