OK, so let’s be honest here. As much as some of us would rather spend the rest of our lives with a Wetherspoons pitcher [no glasses, just a straw for me please], we all have those ideas of our future wedding in mind. Prince Charming is going to come in and sweep us off our feet, and we’re going to have a wedding that is beautiful enough to be on the cover of Vogue. Maybe that’s a bit of a stretch, but nobody wants to have a boring wedding now, do they? Here’s how you can avoid it.

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Have multiple outfits

OK, there are few fashion-loving girls out there who are going to object to this one. Having multiple outfits for your wedding reception will ensure that you’re a) always the centre of attention, and b) that the evening is a little bit more comfortable for you, and you’re not going to get too upset when you invariably drop half of the buffet food down your wedding dress. Shaking up your style throughout the evening is a great idea, and the photographs that you have of the day won’t always be those ‘I’m a bride’ ones. They will also be the ‘this is my breakdancing dress’ ones, too.

Surprise your guests with a choreographed dance

We’ve all seen them out there on the internet, and let’s be honest, it makes your wedding day a memorable one. Rather than doing that swaying side-to-side first dance - which is, nevertheless, pretty cute - why not come up with something a little more unique? You don’t have to go all out and do some ridiculously complex routine, just something that will make your guests smile, and will give you the best wedding videos ever. Of course, you’ve got to have a husband-to-be who’s OK with breaking out some moves on the dancefloor [or a husband-to-be who’s just been signed up for dance lessons.]

Look into wedding bands

The one thing that will make your wedding seem pretty boring is if you have a DJ who would have played at your school disco. There’s nothing really wrong with this, and it’s a good idea to bring out the Macarena at some point during the night, but a wedding band is much more entertaining for you and your guests, and there are plenty of options out there depending upon your tastes. Check out those on offer at https://www.alivenetwork.com/bandsearch.asp?style=Wedding%20Bands and see whether you can find one that would make your big day that extra bit special. Boring music, be gone!

So, if you want to say goodbye to a boring, generic wedding, then keep these simple tips in mind. Of course, it’s a good idea to add your own personal stamp to your wedding - and be inventive - if you really want it to be a day to remember, so think about what would make tying the knot a perfect occasion for you. Enjoy your big day, in all of its non-boringness!
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