I'm a lot older than I look... and this - combined with my mischievous, dirty minded humour [which some may call immature] gives me a youthful sorta vibe I think. 

I'm just a gal who likes to have fun, Cyndi Lauper told it like it is way back when. I like lolling, I like inappropriate humour, I like staying out all night & spending all my time with my best friends in the world. I can stay up all night dancing, have always got the energy to keep going, have somehow mastered binge drinking where I avoid a hangover and I love current fashion & beauty trends. Not gonna dress like a middle-aged woman before my time, hun

But these qualities mean I seem to attract a lot of younger fellas, branding me as a bit of a cougar πŸ˜‚ Ngl I don't even mind this title that much - if I'm still attracting young men in their prime then I'm obviously doing something right with my face or general appearance. But it's pretty funny when noone believes how old I actually am

I used to get really annoyed when I'd get ID'ed all the time for booze and I was like, 24 - I got ID'ed less when I was a teenager πŸ˜‚ but I'm actually starting to feel really grateful for my youthful looks now [someone guessed I was 19 last weekend! Like I'd just come off of an episode of Ten Years Younger or something!]

Yes it's meant that people haven't always taken me seriously. Yes I've had to get me ID out of that tiny awkward corner in the back of my bag more times than I'd have liked. But it's also saved me a fortune in botox and matches my young, fun, 'I feel 18 inside' spirit; and I'm vibing this these days. Anyway - back to the point of this post; here's why dating / seeing someone / having a lil clubneck with someone younger than you can be fun. Like, cougar dating πŸ˜‚ 

The Positives Of Dating Someone Younger Than You* | Tulips, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

1. It's a confidence boost - undoubtedly, vibing with or pulling a younger, attractive bloke [or just any attractive bloke tbh] is a bit of a confidence boost. Especially when they say things like *insert generic line here* can't believe you're 30, you don't look it, etc etc. OKAY HUN I LOVE YOU NOW xox

2. They're young, they're energetic & they're strong. Read into that as you will.

3. They're as into shots, nights out and staying up all night as I am - I know that's a bit of a stereotypical thing to say, but let's roll with it. The past 4 years of my life have been a total write off; I missed out on four years of fun, nights out, friends & meeting people... and I am making up for it now. I feel like I'm 18 again and you know what, I don't even care. I've been spending more time with my best friends in the world from uni & it's been so good for my soul I can't even explain it. 

4. They get my sense of humour - and I don't even care if this verifies that the things that make me board the roflcopter are immature. Me and a lad I've got to know recently laughed till we pretty much cried over some farts my pal Jez let out in his sleep... and I wouldn't have it any other way.

5. They're a way of meeting new people - younger people typically have less responsibilities & less financial ties, so have more time for going out, socialising, mingling with new people and getting rightttt on the sambuca - which I love. The going out and socialising part, not so much the sambuca. Though I wish someone had reminded me of this fact the other weekend when I had like 4 or 5 shots of it πŸ˜‚

The Positives Of Dating Someone Younger Than You* | Tulips, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

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