Your living room is one of the most public rooms in the home; it’s where you hang out with your family, relax after a long day & entertain guests. You likely spend a huge amount of time in there, so it needs to be perfect! You’ve probably already nailed the basics - such as comfy seating and a decent television - but here's five more things to consider which every living room needs.

5 Things Every Living Room Needs - Lovelaughslipstick Blog

1. Appropriate Lighting

Mood lighting really makes a difference in any living room and can transform the space into something you can truly enjoy. An oversized floor lamp will create a cosy glow, for example, whilst also making a stylish statement and portraying a glimpse of your personality.

2. A Mirror

Mirrors are great for making a space seem bigger than it actually is by bouncing light around the room. They can also be beautifully decorative and match the rest of the interior if you choose wisely.

3. Greenery

A little plant can go a really long way, by adding a pop of colour and a natural element to the room. As an added bonus, many indoor plants also improve the quality of the air in your home. Be sure to take care of it though, otherwise it won’t last very long!

4. Home Automation

Although home automation might sound daunting, it’s actually fairly simple and extremely convenient in any modern home.  For instance, if you want to dim the lights for your movie night, you can do so using home automation, without even moving from the comforts of your seat. 

5. Shelving

If you’re short on space and storage, shelving is a must! This is also ideal if you love to read, because it will provide a place for you to keep your favourite books. The books you choose to display in your living room will really showcase your personality whilst also providing a focal point in the room.

What do you think of these home interior tips? Would you agree?
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