Summer Lovin'*

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... had me a blast. Summer lovin', happened so fast [alright I'll stop virtually serenading you. Promise. Bet you're singing that now though, right?!] 

If you's hadn't realised by now, Summer is my life and I hate the colder seasons - I just love it for so many reasons. The heat, the bright mornings, the days in the park, the outfits, the good mood it puts everyone in. The Summer Horn [which is definitely a thing, we discovered this in uni & lovingly named this seasonal 'i-fancy-everyone-when-the-sun-is-shining' phenomenon the Summer Rand...  'everyone' coming with T&C's btw, we didn't literally mean everyone 😂.] 

Life's just better when the sun's shining, imo. There's a change in our mood, our outfit choices, our activities and - I'd say - a change in our dating habits too. The sun's glorious rays increase our levels of happiness and encourage us to head out to do more / socialise in beer gardens of the world [guilttttyyyyyy] - lifting our moods & making us less cynical towards other humans. 

The nights are longer & lighter - meaning there's more time to sneak in dates after work and of an evening [and means you can wear totes cute Summery outfits that show off ya bod, rather than the 15 big coats ensemble Winter dating forces us to go with] .... and with said Summery outfits, the rand defo goes up a notch, as you get to see more of the person you're on the date with. Sunglasses legit make everything & everyone look hotter too; amiright?!

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I proper hate the colder seasons - I think I might have mentioned that like. Once or twice. Casual.

But I guess the arrival of Summer [especially to us poor, sunshine deprived UK dwellers] gives us that sorta, holiday vibe - that 'oh I'd be open for a holiday romance' mindset. Making even pure miserable old cranks like me consider thawing out my icy heart temporarily & talking to other humans. Whereas Christmas & Autumn / Winter [bar Halloween, I do love a good dress up!] make me wanna emigrate with immediate effect. Classic Summer Rand symptoms.

If you've got the Summer Rand and are looking to embark on a lil sex dating mission; the world of online dating totally has your back. I'm currently navigating my way through Tinder & Hinge [with some hilarious stories & matches along the way] which is something totally new to me - but there's so many other options out there when it comes to finding someone to enjoy the heat with... or whatever sorta dating floats your [proverbial] boat. Or maybe your actual boat; if you're pyar rich & have like, a yacht or something... letting you date naughty singles, sailing across the oceans! #MrWorldwide

What are your thoughts on Summer Lovin' - are you someone who relishes the hotter weather when it comes to finding a partner, or someone who prefers a snuggly Christmas bae? As someone who doesn't really like snuggles, other human contact, the colder seasons or Christmas; it's pretty obvious where my vote goes on this one! 😂
*Collaborative post. You can find out more about what this means in my Disclaimer
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