Online dating - the way everyone seems to meet everyone, these days. Gone are the days where you'd feel pyar ashamed to announce you met ya fella online... even the elderly nation [who can't 'abide' with 'this internet'] are much more accepting of the news you've met your new bae on a dating site [this isn't me speaking from personal experience btw haha, I'm happily single] & partial to a bit of swiping themselves. 

Online dating & mobile apps have undoubtedly helped so many people meet likeminded others [for whatever purpose, no judgement over 'ere like], created new friendships, lead to millions of dates and a fair few long-term relationships / kids / marriages as well. It's just become the norm

On bae watch? Download Tinder. Lonely? Get swiping hun. Wanna meet someone for drinks whilst you're visiting London next week? Get on ya profile

BUT. The fact that so many people use these resources now [despite this being great in terms of choice!] does come with a few drawbacks; which are causing users to seek out slightly different approaches when it comes to finding love online. And leads me on nicely to the topic of today's post.

Developments In Online Dating Habits
For want of a better word, nationwide dating sites have become very... saturated. Comparable maybe to my experiences using eBay almost - at first, there wasn't much on there at all and you could sell even that non-label, old AF top from the back of your wardrobe for a good price. But fast forward a few years... and there's that much stuff on there that even those brand-new-in-the-box designer Loubs worth hundreds struggle to fetch a tenner at auction.

It doesn't matter how good your items are [or in this case, how much of a catch you are] if there's so many other options in stock too - your profile can get lost in a sea of singletons; many of whom aren't even in the area anymore or have inactive profiles. Which is why nationwide dating sites have started to lose their mass appeal & have began to be replaced with more niche, local options.

You get what I mean though - how many times have you seen Mr Right on Tinder, matched with him... and then realised he only popped up cos he was on a train for about 10 minutes once in the distant past and now actually lives on the other side of the country?! 

Local dating sites - where there's less people but more local candidates is where it's at I reckon. Especially if you're looking for a serious relationship, rather than a fling with someone visiting the local city for a lad's night out over the weekend. Though if that's what you want, go 'ed girl. There's nothing wrong with that - and this is just another reason why online dating & talking about sexuality in 2019 is so positive. Bust those stigmas and [safely] enjoy yourselves, gang xo

With niche, local dating in mind, if you're looking for a Date in Isle Of Man, that link might help you out. I'm not from this lil part of the world [it looks gorgeous, tho!] but I can imagine with the amount of people going back & forth from the island this mass cross-over of dating potential might be a bit of an issue. Making Isle Of Man Dating Sites even more of a niche option, I guess - but handy AF for those who live there!

What are your thoughts when it comes to online dating and the changing landscape of apps & how we use them? Would you agree that local dating sites are a better option when it comes to finding more targeted [lol y do I sound like a Facebook ad] bae potentials for long-term luuuuuuuurve?
*Collaborative post but all opinions are totes legit & my own
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