I dunno about you hun, but there's no chance of me getting a mortgage any time soon. My laughable levels of debt are trolling me at every opportunity. 

If you're one of the lucky ones with ya life in order & the owner of your own property - I applaud & envy you in equal measure. As a gal who rents, I can't imagine how exciting the freedom of owning your own place must be.... when it comes to ALL THE PETS YOU CAN HAVE & the amount of cool interior stuff and renovating you're allowed to do. Marble eeeeeer'thang pls

Whereas renting is the best option for me - and for millions of people out there too, it does come with its limitations when it comes to how much you can do with ya place. I can't exactly knock a wall through to build the walk-in wardrobe of my dreams - and I defo can't install the hot tub my life NEEDS without it causing a bit of a scene. 

I can just imagine the person who owns the property I rent reading this post & visibly shuddering at the thought of the carnage I'd cause to their rental [and possibly to myself in the process]... whilst clutching a copy of their landlord insurance policy document to their chest & praying to Jesus that none of this happens!

Today's post contains a few ideas & tips on how to make the most of the space you're renting and have fun with your interior - without getting yourself booted out or giving your landlord a heart attack in the process.

Interior Tips For Those Who Rent

Adhesive Pads / Non-Mark White Tack
Yes, you might not be allowed to paint ya interior as dark as ya soul. And yes, you might be stuck with uniform magnolia walls & a strict instruction to NOT hang anything on the walls. But there's always a life hack for these kinda situations.

Bare, boring walls can be brought to life with prints and photos... and before ya landlord boots right off, you can tell him about the zero mark, zero mess, zero fuss adhesive strips you used to secure them in place. And how his precious paintwork will remain intact

I actually really like the minimal aesthetic of white walls with crisp quote prints in gold or black frames... so yeah, rented wall space might be plain AF & your pals with pure murals in their rooms might scoff, but I personally think us renters are winning here.

You can even get those adhesive strip things strong enough to hold SHELVES. Whicht you can adorn with rose gold trinkets, cacti & artistic piles of magazines and be aesthetic AF. YES.

Similarly to the uniform wall situation, carpets and flooring in rentals is typically not that exciting either. I posted on the Gram about the new rug I got recently for my front room - and I'll tell you what huns, I am SHOOK at how much of a difference it's made to me gaff. It makes it look so much more homely and luxurious - and the lil one from Ikea I've got in one of the other rooms has a similar, life changing effect on the room too. 

LAMPS, Fairy Lights & Alternative Lighting Sources
So if you rent, you probably can't go full Sia and hang a chandelier to swing. But you can go cray on Primark £1 fairy lights for a cute, homely glow and make the most of lamps throughout your interior. 

Having 'the big light' on in a pretty uniform environment can be pretty bleak, but swapping that out for smaller lamps & ambient light sources adds a warm glow and proper cozy home touches. Like this is something I've started doing recently and it's made a difference like you wouldn't believe.

Artificial Flowers, Vases, Candles = LIFE
Yes these items are sorta like, a given. But they make such a difference in adding personality & style to your home; without costing a small fortune. Places like Dunelm, The Range & B&M are great for little finds like this. PLUS these can double up as blog photo props too.

Statement Bedding, Cushions & Appliances
So, your furniture is mostly decided for you and your colour scheme is fixed. What can you do? JAZZ UP THE BITS YOU'RE ABLE TO. Pick a colour scheme & adorn your rooms with items incorporating it throughout. Pick up stylish cushions, decor with pops of your chosen colour in them, place a rug and litter ya couches with throws. Pick out a brightly coloured statement kettle, toaster and / or microwave set if you want. Go full rogue. Get a mad shower curtain or a duvet set with your face printed on it. THE WORLD IS YOUR PROVERBIAL OYSTER hun - your landlord might not like Buzz Lightgear but he can hardly object to him being on your curtains, can he?*

*just kidding, pls don't get Buzz Lightgear curtains

What would be your number one tip for achieving your interior goals in a rented property?
*Sponsored post, but all opinions & experiences expressed are totes legit & my own xo
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