Although I look about 12, I'm actually pretty old... and as such, my interests have began to sway away from splurging on dresses I'll never wear again, heels that just sit at the back of my wardrobe or blowing all me wages on posh vodka down the club of a weekend. 

I've instead focussed my attention much more into home interiors, design & homeware trends... me and my best pal literally go mental in the home department these days; stroking every fluffy cushion, rug or super soft bedding set we can get our mitts on. 

Wish I was exaggerating there but I've had tears in me eyes over some of the cushions and linen sets I've eyed up recently.

And this is by no means a bad thing - or even something that's totally new to me; I used to love planning out dream homes using the good ol' Argos catalogue, on The Sims and on this otherwise really boring PC CD-Rom game we had back in the days of yore. But I'll admit that keeping abreast of home trends & interior inspo is defo a hobby that's become more prevalent since spending more time in than out of the house [getting old probs] - as after all, if you're gonna be cooped up in your gaff instead out with ya pals dancing to the Arctic Monkeys you at least want it to look nice, right?

With this new enjoyment of interiors, you may have noticed slightly more home content popping up on me blog of late. I'm by no means an expert [Laurence Llwellyn Bowen you're safe hun] but I'm gonna go ahead and write more about this new passion anyway as I do like to think have an eye for style, bargains and keeping it real [like Ian Beale.] Today's focus being top bedroom interior trends experts have predicted for 2020.

Home Trends 2020 Living areas & bedding

I've done my research right, and 2020 seems to be the year we're moving away from mirrored furniture, dusky greys & plush, crushed velvet. Judging by what's online [in terms of current season home furnishings, decorations and colour schemes] we're set for quite the change. But I like it. Well, to look at at the very least, even if not fully roll out in my home.

Rather than blinged up, IG-esque bedroom furnishings, 2020 looks set to be a year of simple, earthy, eco-friendly designs with pops of bright colour, natural looking wicker accessories, floral patterns and lots of integrated tech within sleek, minimalistic exteriors. Phew. A lot to get ya head around there.

Although the way you style your home is unique to you [as is the way you do your makeup and the clothes you wear; ultimately doing whatever makes you feel good] I do always like looking for new inspo and pinning the latest looks madly on Pinterest... so let's talk about a few of these ideas and how I feel about them / how I'd style them within my home. If, yeno, money was no object.

Home Trends 2020 Living areas & bedding
Home Trends 2020 Living areas & bedding

The way I read it, 2020 seems to be the year of sharp, modern, clean furniture [lots of monochromatic vibes] adorned with overall earthy, neutral accessories & beddings - with pops of floral, slices of rustic wicker / homely vibes and technology in every corner.

I personally do really enjoy monochromatic colour schemes and home interiors - my bathroom follows this to a tee; all black & white with pops of natural greenery & bamboo sticks in the corner. I would love to swap out all my furniture to all white or black, for a really streamlined finish. I can also definitely get onboard with pops of floral pattern; pretty much me LIFE anyway so that fits.

I like the neutral earthy tones idea - especially when it comes to cushions and throws; I love nature and find like plants and minimalism very relaxing. But for me personally, I don't think I'll be retiring the dusky pink bedding just yet - I like to pretend I'm a princess and I can't see that stopping any time soon haha! 

Bedding is one of those things that I don't mind spending a bit extra on for the comfort factor - I adore sleep like. FYI - if you're looking for some luxury, cosy & high quality bedding; this site [Mediterranean Linens] is a bit of a goldmine. You're welcome. Also, a good bed frame is an absolute must - my back has benefitted so much after recently purchasing a new, basic af but gorgeous sleigh bed - and there plenty of Adjustable Beds that took my fancy during the search too. But anyway, back to bedding and those earthy, neutrals. 

I might get something a bit more neutral coloured at some stage - floral is a definite yes, but for my living space I don't necessarily want to go fully gung-ho into what the internet is predicting will be big this year. Especially not wicker, old fashioned items to create stylish clashes against otherwise modern interiors and 'home comforts'... not my bag baby.

What do you think about these predicted for 2020 interior trends - would you agree? What's your dream interior / colour scheme?
*Sponsored post, but all opinions and home preferences shared are very much my own & legit xo
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