I absolutely love looking back through my camera roll on my phone [or scrolling down my Instagram grid] from time to time; reminiscing over old photos and reliving the memories captured in that moment. Apple memories pings me up suggestions of 'things you were doing this time last year' sometimes; making me little photo montages to pure dramatic soundtracks [as you were, hun] or albums of my photos it's created for me ['Four-legged friends' being a personal fave; being snaps of all the pets & animals I've wept over in the past 12 months.]

But without making an effort to open a folder on the computer, heading to social media or searching back through your phone's camera roll; photos can be difficult to find at a moment's notice - and easily forgotten. 

There's been so many occasions where I've been looking through older photos and found pics I'd forgotten I'd even taken - from events I'd forgotten I'd been to; or of landscapes of holidays past that're so breathtaking but ultimately memories that seemingly fall out of my sieve-like mind.

Adding Personalised Touches To Your Home | CartridgeSave

That's why, to me, physical copies of photos are so special. Printing & displaying key images of the moments you've been at your happiest [celebrations you've had, the places you've been, the pets you love and the people you've spent fun times with] and displaying them around the home is a lovely reminder of life events - and is something I try to do regularly. 

I can't look at a photo wall or photo frame of memories and not feel nostalgic / happy - and incorporating these memories within your home adds a really personal touch; making you feel safe and happy within your living space.

I was always the one in uni with a camera on nights out. This was before the days of decent mobile phone cameras - I think everyone had one of those trusty Nikon digital cameras [the ones small enough to fit in ya clutch bag!] specifically for night out photos during this era. And I'm so glad I persevered with this habit during my time as a student!

Adding Personalised Touches To Your Home | CartridgeSave

I used to be so, so snap happy during my time in uni. I used to use Facebook and had hundreds of albums on there; covering literally every social event or funny incident that occurred in our lives ever... which without, I would probably not remember now. 

I got loads of these photos printed recently [mostly embarrassing, cringey ones of us as fresh faced 18 year olds experiencing student club nights for the first time!] for a uni reunion celebration with me pals; which made me so nostalgic, hysterical yet emotional at the same time. I've also printed photos before for personalised gifts for friends - and I've printed loads for frames & clips around the house; to brighten up and customise the gaff. 

But it doesn't always come cheap, does it; printing off images? Online services can be pricey [& then you'll need to pay the postage costs on top!] and repurchasing ink cartridges for home printing is another financial obstacle to consider when doing so. That's why I wanted to give CartridgeSave* a shout out in this post - for cheap printer ink cartridges. Making your photo printing dreams a more affordable reality

CartridgeSave is the UK's biggest online printer cartridge shop - making the tedious, sometimes confusing task of sourcing ink cartridges much simpler, quicker and more streamlined. With free next day delivery on inkjet and laser printer cartridges. Whether you want to buy original ink cartridges or compatible ones to save a few more £££, these guys deliver. Literally and metaphorically. Making sure you get more ink [and photos!] for your money... as well as for anything else you need to print off.

If you want to print images off spontaneously, conveniently, on a budget and without having to wait for them to be delivered / deal with slow upload speeds / head outta the house to do so; home printing is a great shout. AND you can spend the ££ you save on home printing using CartridgeSave on making more memories with friends to print at a later date!

Do you print off photos? Do you enjoy looking back at them & reminiscing of memories past?
*Sponsored post, but all opinions and love for photography / reminiscing expressed are very much my own. Make sure you check out CartridgeSave and save on ink today - for whatever purpose you need it for!
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