When you are looking to sell your home, you’re going to be looking for as many ways as possible to add some value to it. You want to get the best price for your home and you need to be able to be as attractive for buyers as possible. There are so many ways to add extra value to your home and with ensuring you have the right curb appeal, you will be able to sell quickly.

Before you go all guns blazing to the architects and start putting plans in place with permitted development extension options, you need to know what other things that you can be doing to make your home look great. Let’s take a closer look and hopefully, get your home up to scratch.

Slick Ways To Add Curb Appeal To Your House!

Flowers & Planters
When people look at your home you want them to think it looks fantastic. You can do that with splashes of colour. Flowers and planters can add a lot of elegance to your home and make it look great from the moment people see your house from the corner of the street. You can choose planters to match your existing decor and you can purchase planters that are in a range of styles and sizes, too, so you can be as grand as you like.

Window Boxes
You can add window boxes filled with flowers to your home and really add some pizzazz to the space. You can have a wide variety of window boxes filled with beautiful flowers to decorate the front of your home. It will make the whole house stand out in the street and it draws the eye straight away.

Mow The Lawn
If you have a lawn at the front of your house, you can add flowers and accessories to the space really easily. If you want to be truly extravagant, add a fountain to the front of the house and make it the most beautiful place around. You will save money by hunting around in thrift shops for flowers and seeds to plant in the flower beds, and you’ll be able to have a truly artistic project on the go. Yard maintenance is a must; no one wants to walk up to a house for sale with an overgrown front yard that hasn't been looked after. Get clipping back the plants - you’ll see how much of a difference it'll make!

Refresh The Fixtures
You need to think about the hanging plants and the front door with the knockers to know whether you need a fixture refresh. If your front door numbers are old and rusted, then you need new ones installed to make a real entrance. Your lighting needs consideration, too, as you may need to replace the bulbs or the light fitting itself. Get the lights cleaned and replaced before you show anyone your home, and if you want to go really fancy, add solar lighting to the front of your home to make a magical pathway.

Add curb appeal and make your home perfect for selling!
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