Nobody could have predicted that 2020 would turn out the way it has. The truth is that none of us were expecting to have so much time at home, but there are silver linings. While it might not be ideal to be separated from loved ones and to have plans put on hold, it’s beneficial to focus on the positives. Here are some fun ways to spend your time to make the most of staying at home. 

Making The Most Of Staying At Home: Fun Ways To Spend Your Time


Some people will roll their eyes when the words ‘fun’ and ‘exercise’ appear in the same sentence, but it is possible to enjoy yourself while working up a sweat. Most of us have used a lack of time as an excuse to skip the gym or gravitate towards a more sedentary lifestyle. With many of us having more time on our hands, the lockdown presents a great opportunity to see what all the fuss is about. Initially, being more active can take a bit of getting used to if you’re more of an armchair sports fan, but if you can get used to including physical activity in your daily or weekly routine, you might actually find that you fall in love with your new hobby. Exercise is beneficial for your body, but perhaps more importantly at this time, it makes you feel good. When you’re moving around, your body releases endorphins and the levels of dopamine and serotonin in your brain increase. These effects produce a natural high, which makes you feel confident, calm and content. Working out is an effective stress-buster, it distracts you from scary news headlines and it can help you sleep. 

If you’re not a fitness guru, don’t panic. You don’t have to embark on a dramatic training programme and devote every spare second to jogging or lifting weights in your spare room. You can try home workouts, go for a bike ride or a hike a couple of times a week or tune into virtual yoga or Pilates classes. Aim for around 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week. This can include everything from walking the dog and playing golf to jogging, home HIIT sessions and skipping in the garden. 

Discovering new interests and hobbies

Most of us don’t usually have much time for hobbies, and our interests tend to fall by the wayside when life gets hectic. Now that our social lives have been scaled back, and there are more hours in the day, why not discover new interests and rediscover old hobbies? From painting and drawing, playing a musical instrument and knitting to designing and making clothes, baking and learning a language, there are endless possibilities. Use your time constructively and think about what interests you and how you would like to spend your time. Have you always wanted to learn more about astrology or to discover tarot cards or delve deeper into star signs? Do you usually moan that you don’t have enough time to read or listen to new bands? Are you keen to hone your creative writing skills, or have you wanted to learn to bake for years? Now that time is not a barrier, why not press on and expand your skill set, develop your knowledge base and broaden your horizons? Whether you want to sign up for virtual classes, read articles or find groups to help you get started, the Internet is a fantastic resource. 

Making The Most Of Staying At Home: Fun Ways To Spend Your Time

Reconnecting with friends and family

The vast majority of us would like to spend more time with our friends and relatives, but our schedules can get in the way. For many, the lockdown has provided an opportunity to reach out to and reconnect with friends we haven’t spoken to for a while and family members we can’t see at the moment. Socialising, whether in person or virtually, can lift the spirits, prevent loneliness and isolation and put a smile on your face. From video calls and Friday night pub quizzes to online birthday parties and live living room gig streams, there are plenty of ways to have fun with your loved ones without leaving the house. 

Making The Most Of Staying At Home: Fun Ways To Spend Your Time

Most of us will be spending a lot of time at home for the foreseeable future. Although we’re desperate to see friends and family and to enjoy going to the pub, dining out and hitting the shops, there are benefits of having a break and slowing down. While you’ve got time on your hands, and there’s no pressure to be out and about all the time, make the most of opportunities to learn new things, indulge hobbies and discover new interests, exercise frequently and connect with friends and relatives.
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