Natural hair protection can spur an entire day conversation in a hair salon. Growing curls need to be taken care of lest you risk breakage, thinning hair, or any other catastrophe that can befall your mane.

But does that mean I have to be heavily invested in hair products?

Not really.

Protective natural hairstyles are the easiest way to go when it comes to taking care of the texture, curl, and shine of your hair. But by mentioning the word protective, a large number of lasses may be inclined to think boring, expensive, and time-consuming styles.

Let’s burst that bubble.

In this piece, you’ll learn how you can put on protective natural hairstyles, look funky, and still have a bank account to pay bills with. So read on.

Simple and Funky Hairstyles for a High-Street Budget*

Halo Braid

The halo braid expresses three things about you – flattering, sweet, and lady-like. But sadly, your hair needs to pass the medium-length mark for you to hit jackpot with this style.

Halo braids don’t demand a lot of styling or attention. All you need to do is first relax your hair. Then, you create a braid around your head’s crown for that halo touch.

Crochet Braids

Curly hair is the ultimate dream for most lasses. And while your natural hair might take a while to finally develop the deep curls you desire, crochet braids can help you get there.

These braids help keep your natural locks intact and secure thanks to the bouncy ringlets that form the braids. On top of that, they create a funky yet versatile look that, gracefully, doesn’t require frequent changing.

Simple and Funky Hairstyles for a High-Street Budget*


Previously, wigs were left for hidden conversations in the corners of hair salons and roadside boutiques. However, many women have now come to appreciate the need and use of wigs for not just versatile styling, but also natural hair protection.

So, should I get one as a protective styling alternative?

You could, yes. But that doesn’t mean your natural hair should remain tucked in, away from the rest of the world to see.

Some types of wigs, such as U-part wigs from EvaWigs, allow a bit of your natural hair to sneak out for a more natural hairline. Thus, you can experiment with a ton of styling options, have some of your natural hair do the talking, and still be assured of its protection.

Faux Afro Puff

If you’re looking for something very trendy, then this is the style you should be settling for. Faux afro puffs are one of the most sought after styles in the industry thanks to their versatility and uniqueness.

On top of that, you don’t need long hair to achieve this look.

The faux afro puff is a style that can be easily worn with long hair and short hair with extensions. More importantly, it’s a simple option, doesn’t cost a Bezos’ share of Amazon, and provides an authentic, natural look.

Twist Braid with Low Chunky Bun

If you need a style suited for everyday occasions, then the low chunky bun with a twist braid is your best bet. This look not only protects your natural hair but also gives you that chic and elegant look you need, every day.

All you have to do is use the side part to create a feed-in twist braid. Then, you can gather the rest of your hair, at the nape of your neck, into a low bun.

Jumbo Twists

How is this a simple look?

Because unlike the typical box braids and long twists, jumbo braids require less than two hours to have up. And better yet, they provide a versatile look that can fit in any occasion, and last for a considerably long time.

The most important ingredient in this look is the braiding hair, which will depend on which kind of look you’re trying to achieve.
*Collaborative post, for more information on what this means please see my Disclaimer
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