by Nikki LLL Blog, December 01, 2014
I will openly divulge to anyone who asks, as well as those who don't, that I am a tight arse. Needs must and all that. Why spend money that you don't have to, or in my case - just flat out don't have? Hash tag tramp'sproblems. 

So it has come as the biggest delight that today, Boots showered me with free gifts. Well, not that free in the sense that I had to spend a little to qualify for said freebies. But just look. And you'll see why words are failing me right now. 

And the best part is, if you log on to Boots online and place an order, you can get these amaze freebies too, while stocks last (and they keep the offer on. So do it. Do it now.) This knowledge is like a gift, from me to you. First day of Christmas and all that. ANYWAY.

Taa Daa.


Free Gift #1: Timeless Elegance Make-up kit, by Bourjois.
What you need to do to get it: Spend £15 on selected Bourjois products on Boots online.
What I did: Bought a new mascara and highlighter / bronzer palette. And was near brought to tears by my excitement.
What do you get: Pretty much a whole new face. 

- Smokey Eyes Trio Eyeshadow #01, in Gris Dandy,
- Volume Glamour Max Holidays Mascara, in Black,
- So Laque Ultra Shine Nail Enamel #27 in Beige Glamour
- Rouge Edition Lipstick #02 in Beige Trench
- Massive chufties that you've got all this new stuff.

PLUS these ain't no amateur samples, they're all FULL SIZE.

Keep your eyes peeled to see how I rate these products and how I fit them into my daily make-up routine.

Free Gift #2: Rimmel London Salon Pro Nail Polish, from Kate Moss' range. In 114 Mars.
What you need to do to get it: Buy any three selected Rimmel products.
What I did: I'd ran out of foundation and powder and my face was more shiny than Kimmy K's oiled up bum that #BrokeTheInternet. So I bought two new foundations and Rimmel's Translucent Pressed Powder Compact.
What do you get: A fabbity fab FREE nail polish from the Salon Pro range. And these little beauts are the ones with the fat brush, meaning that they are easy to apply and get decent results with. And I mean, I'm terrible at life, so if I can achieve results with these - you guys defo can.

Again a full size piece [even this alone worth £4.99!] At first I thought I might slip this in someone's stocking this Christmas, as a little filler (ooh-err) but then I saw it and fell instantly in love and am defo keeping it. Keep an eye on my Twitter page for a sly update of when this beauty hits down on my nails later. I LOVE a good red nail polish and now it's the festive season I've also cracked out my red lippy - co-ordination nation on my face.

What fab offers have you taken advantage of this year? Any Black Friday deals to shout about? My comment box is dying for you to stick your news in it! 

Happy December everyone,

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