After everything that life has thrown at me this year - stress, poverty, the end of my close relationship with QuickQuid, idiotic males, lies, broken hips, surgery, blood transfusion, SELF INJECTING blood thinners (!!!!!) and a one off psoriasis appearance - I cannot stress enough to everyone else out there to appreciate what you have. And how much this (copied) image speaks to me.

I'll be honest - I can't wait to conclude the 2014 annual and start a fresh issue and a new page of my life on January 1st, 2015.

But instead of wishing this time away - like me, try to use it to 'wrap up' your year nicely. Close those unfinished chapters, tie up those loose ends and start your New Year feeling content. You can't have a 'New Year, New You' fandango going on, if you've still got major unfinished business with 2014 you. This beef ain't going to disappear alongside your 2014 copy of that calendar you've got on the fridge with the kittens on it. 

I'm not saying you have to achieve miracles this next month. But before you know it, 2014 will be a mere memory, a flash in the pan, a dot on the horizon - so what are you waiting for? Make these last few days magical

If you've fallen out with someone - make up. If you've lost a friend - get them back. Fancy that beaut lad with the facial hair and the chinos in your office? Tell him. Rome wasn't built in a day and you can't expect to roll into 2015 with a fresh life and a list of New Year's Rezzys that you can realistically keep to, if you haven't maintained your life, health and well-being first. Build it, and they will come.

You write your own life story - and who stars in it, what paths you take and your overall well-being are all governed by you. As Natasha Bedingfield (what happened to you, girl?) once sang 'The rest is still unwritten.' Bit of a beast of a tune actually, might have to YouTube that in a sec. Get some pure late night inspo vibes going on.

It's Christmas; the most wonderful time of the year (apparently, although I much prefer summer in sunnies and flip flops) so spend time with your loved ones, love yourself and love what you've achieved this year. Finish off the last chapter of the 2014 issue of your life with bows on (those being the aforementioned loose ends you'll have tied up), a big squiggly signature and a smile.

What will your story hold? Any plot twists you've got lined up for your final chapter of 2014? As ever, the comments box below would love to know more.

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