You'll all know of my love for a good bargain by now, so when Makeup Revolution emailed me saying that they had a collection of 100 eyeshadows for £8 [this works out at like 8p an eyeshadow!!!] I couldn't cope. 

I tried to resist the situation - my laptop lid was slammed shut several times in my futile attempts to resist - but in the end I caved and submitted my basket for order. What's the point of having a massive overdraft if you don't firmly live in it, all the time, anyway?

I heart Makeup Revolution; their range of affordable high end make-up dupes [which I can only dream of affording in real life] are fab. I wrote a little post about some of their range the other day actually and I highly recommend checking their range out if you haven't already.

So anyway yeah - skipping forwards to the actual meat of this post - check out this little beaut.

Just look at them. So pigmented, so much colour pay-off, such a wide range. Some 'shadows glisten, some shimmer - some are matte ... I've genuinely gone somewhere over the rainbow gazing at all these shades.

The left hand side of the palette is like my dream. When I actually get dressed and function like a normal human being, these are my colours of choice. Nudes, browns, bronzes, golds and deep smokes. However, I am well excited by some of the colours on the right hand half of the palette. They're very 80s.

After buying this beast, I defo need to get onto some good eyeshadow tutorials -  I give life a good go, but I'm no expert like haha I'm always looking to learn. 

Do any of you guys have any YouTubers you recommend for a good bit of eyeshadow inspo? Or have any of you written anything on how to pull off a bright shadow / different looks to rep this summer? 
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