Fresh week, fresh start.

As part of this new week, I thought I'd trial run a few new products as part of my beauty regime, to see how they held up. A kinda 'Hot or Not?' 'Fit or Shit?' type test. 

Some of these products you might have seen on my Instagram; I have become like literally obsessed with Insta recently - I can't lie. And some of them - such as the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer and my Makeup Revolution Fixing Spray have already made their star appearances in past blog posts [My Favourite Makeup Revolution Products and Birchbox | April Edition] before I'd had a chance to give them a fair trial. 

L-R: Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water / MUA Colour Correcting Pro Base Prime and Conceal Powder / Laura Mercier Foundation Primer [sample size] / W7 Cosmetics Chunky Bronzer / Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Oil Control Fixing Spray

The Test Subjects

MUA [Makeup Academy] Pro-Base Prime & Conceal Powder, £4.00

So, this baked, silky-smooth powder promises to transform your complexion; evening out your skin tone and illuminating your face. I first saw this product on another blogger's YouTube channel - and easily swayed as I am, I headed straight online to purchase it. 

I won't lie - I was sceptical of this product at first - I have been loyal to Rimmel's Translucent Pressed Powder for the past four years. But you know what guys - it actually works. It held my make-up in place, kept the dreaded shine at bay and it definitely gave my face added radiance. My under-eye bags were totally less noticeable and hours later, this powder was still holding out against the dreaded fod shine. To apply, just take a big old powder brush and swirl it round to pick up an even amount of each colour, before powdering your face as normal.

I'm very fussy about pressed powder and I didn't hold much hope for this. But I am really impressed - and that's something coming from me! You can pick up this product online, at your local Superdrug or do what I did - and head to the realms of eBay to pick up a bargain. 

W7 Cosmetics Chunky Bronzer, £4.95

After perving on the Clinique Chubby Sticks earlier last month and weeping at how I could never justify spending so much, I headed onto eBay and picked up this W7 Bronzing Stick. FYI, for all you budget beauty babes out there; on eBay I got this brand new [including postage] for approx. £3.95. 

I use this daily as part of my contouring game and it's lovely. It's dead creamy and blends really well; for a subtle effect with no harsh lines. I apply this to my chin, cheekbones, forehead and jawline and blend into my face's natural contours. Taking a small brush, I apply a little of this product to my nose to subtly define and contour that, too. 

Thanks to my highly influential nature, after seeing photos of this stuff plastered across social media, it was only a matter of time that when I saw it was on offer at Boots - and that my supply of Asda face wipes was looking dangerously low - I'd end up buying some to try. The bottle claims you'll get approx. 200 uses from it; so that's value I like. 

The packaging of this stuff is just fab. But is it worthy of the miracle cleanser title it's been given? 

Well, I'm not 100% sure. It definitely removes your makeup gently and with ease; but I found that it wasn't as deep cleansing as I first imagined. After using this and then using another cleanser [Liz Earle] straight after, my cotton wool was still picking up remainders of make-up. It also wasn't quite as effective in removing my eye make-up as I'd kinda hoped. 

BUT on the flip side; every time I've used this cleanser, my skin feels so hydrated and revived. Normally, when I use a cleanser or a face wipe, my skin cries out for moisturiser straight away. But this left me feeling really fresh-faced. So I would recommend it and will continue to use it - but I'm not sure whether it will do me for 200 uses, as I've had to use a few cotton wool pads of the stuff to feel totally cleansed from make-up. Maybe I just wear too much slap? Who knows.

I was made up to have got my sample of choice with last month's Birchbox. This sample is also quite a decent size; so I'll get a fair bit of use from it before I decide whether I could ever part with like £20.00 for a primer. 

I wasn't sure on how I felt about this stuff at first; it comes out really quite watery. However, when you apply it to the face it melts into the skin and gives you the perfect base to build on. I thought it was a coincidence the first time I used it; that I was just having a good skin-day. But it's no coincidence. This stuff really works. Day after day. I will cry when this runs out; proper genuine tears, cos there's no way in hell I can justify ordering another. But if you can; do it. It's awesome.

Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Oil Control Fixing Spray, £5.00

Unless I routinely powder my face, I get this unsightly shine-thing going on. It's grim. So when I saw this product from my beloved Makeup Revolution; I couldn't not give it a go. Basically, when you're done with applying your face, spritz a little of this spray on it and let it dry. I've definitely noticed that my makeup has lasted for longer whilst wearing this; not quite all day, but considerably longer than pure powder and praying for a miracle alone has ever achieved. I don't have to touch up my face in the loos at lunchtime - it's great!

Have you tried anything new this month? These new experiences don't even have to just be beauty related either; I'm well nosey and would love to chat more about like, anything! Or have you tried any of the above products and had similar / different experiences?

As ever, chat with my using my comments box powered by Disqus below, via Twitter, email or on Instagram :} 
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