Welcome to the latest post from my Expectation vs Reality series - let me quickly set the scene for you here.

I am one of the poorest people in the land. I'll hold my hands up high and admit that I am that girl; the one whose card has been declined for a solitary can of Smart Price tuna and the kinda bird who sees a penny on the floor and has to pick it up - regardless of the high potential it has to be covered in scally urine [do kids still do that? do unspeakable things to pennies to then hide and watch as other, unsuspecting penny-pickers like me come along and pick them up? Or is this just further confirmation that I attended possibly the most grimmest of high schools?]

Combine this with the fact I have an uncontrollable urge to buy things, an addiction to online shopping and that I am also a self confessed eBay junkie - and you have the basis to this series [bargains are my equivalent of crack.]

When I buy something - no matter how cheap it is - I want to know what I'm getting will be sh*t hot, not just plain old sh*t. But sadly [as is the way with ordering in stock from China that costs about 3% of the price it would cost you in the UK] more often than not, that amazing looking playsuit you got for a quid and that looked pure fit on the model turns out to be nothing more than a sick joke with lace on.

This, my friends, is what the cool kids call an 'Expectation vs Reality' moment. You know what I mean; you order an absolute bargain online that looks like it's going to be a pure fitty, but then when it arrives... you don't know whether to laugh or cry because of how terrible it is. And sometimes, you just give up and do both; simultaneously. THAT.


If you're new to this concept - welcome. And if you're interested as to how my previous bargain hunting missions have gone down you can check them out herehere and here [spoiler alert, one is that bad it legit looks like a bed-wetting sheet stitched into a garment.]

Most of the time, despite being beyond comprehendible levels of broke, I can laugh at my Expectation vs Reality moments. The 'it's so bad, it's funny' kinda awkward lols. Think that it serves myself right, for ordering something for 50p from Hong Kong with free postage and hoping it would be top quality. 

But then sometimes, on the flip side of the coin, you strike gold and that 67p necklace you shipped in from halfway across the world is perfect and it's a triumph like no other. 

It's an oddly addictive gamble to take. Anyway, as I've explained last week and a fair few times now- this series is going to be dedicated to this concept; kind of like the 'Fit or Sh*t?' features I had going on before I became too poor to afford new makeup to test [insert a teary-eyed smiley here.] Follow me on my journey as I test out the cheapest products of the internets, to see if they actually do look like the picture - you can either grab some great bargains or learn a lot  from my mistakes!

Expectation vs Reality: Part #4 > The 61p Midi Ring Set

Expectation > 4 piece Gold Plated Midi Ring Set [which I won at auction for just 61p but which I have since seen sell for just 11p inc postage!!!] which came subject a 2-3 week delay as it was being shipped in from China.

Reality > Fair enough, a cute ring set - but I'll tell you something right here, right now before you assume that all was well with this shopping spree. Asian clothes and jewellery sizes are making me feel like a whopping man-beast.

Don't be fooled, guys. Not a single one of these rings fits on any other finger than my little finger. I feel like some kind of mutant giant - I always thought I had long, skinny, creepy looking fingers and now China - what with their size XL garments not fitting over my arse and their rings not fitting over my fingernails - are making me feel like a colossal beast.

I'm trying to not take this personally - I know I've definitely consumed one too many bourbon biscuits recently and I'm perhaps not as slim and spritely as I was - but I do feel that If I went to China, that I would be cast off as some kind of giant mutant.

Conclusion > Unless you have a pet or small child you can dress up - or you're super into putting four midi rings at a time on your little finger - I'd probably save your 61p and put it towards a nice pack of bourbon biscuits or whatever else [though I highly recommend the biscuits, I always recommend biscuits. F you China - I'm a whopper and proud!!] 

But if after reading this, you do [for whatever reason, I won't judge] want to pick up some of these mini midi rings, you can do so here. Even if it's just for the comedy value. 

What are your thoughts? Have you had any epic 'Expectation vs Reality' moments with things you've bought online, or any amazing bargains off eBay?

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