If you've read my blog before [or even just glanced over my rambling assortment of tweets] it is plain to see that I love beauty boxes and that I more than love a freebie. But you may well have also gathered that I am the poorest person in the land and had to cancel my Birchbox and Glossybox subscriptions due to the sick joke that is my finances.

With this in mind, imagine how hard I buzzed off the news that I'd won the gorgeous Sandra from the Black Pearl Blog fame's giveaway, with the prize being a My Little Frenchie Box;  a box I'd perved off countless times before [if you haven't checked her out before; do it! She's fab, her blog is beautiful and she's due to give birth pretty soon, so head over and wish her well.]

I heart the whole concept of the My Little Box sub service. I've stalked countless other bloggers' posts about their offerings and stalked their website for ages - and in an ideal world, I would have been subbed to My Little Box a longgggg time ago. But then again, in an ideal world, I wouldn't have ended up on crutches for nine months or become so poor that I have had to sell around 85% of my possessions on Depop. LOL.

So, without further ado, here's a little post summarising my very first experience with My Little Box. I'm going to warn you in advance that this is likely to be a VERY photo heavy post because the My Little Frenchie Box is legit the prettiest effing sub box I've ever received... and the fact that it was sent to me as a generous prize, makes it feel even better <3

So, how cute / useful / wildly cosmopolitan is this My Little Smartphone Case | £16.00? Its design reminds me of luggage tags and passport holders... in fact, it could quite easily be put on your case as a little splash of ooh la la to identify your belongings as they circle round the luggage belt in the airport. Ideal for popping your phone, travel tickets, iPod or cards / change in, this little case is going straight into my holiday collection. And I'll be honest, the packaging it came in was every bit as thrilling for me as the item inside; I heart great design.

DHC Blotting Paper, £4.00 per 100 sheets  | My Little Beauty Complexion Enhancer, Glowing Skin £9.50

DHC Blotting Paper - How cute is this, please?! The packaging is so beaut, I'm a lot in love. I can't wait to try this blotting paper out - it's actually ideal for taking on holiday with you, for those times you get a bit hot and bothered in the face. I am one of the shiniest buggers alive - I've compared the state of my fod after a few hours in the heat to that oiled up photo of Kimmy K before - so this product may very well change my life [and also reduce the amount I spend on pressed powder each month in the constant fight against shine.]

My Little Beauty Complexion Enhancer, Glowing Skin - My Little Box have their own collection of beauty products - their My Little Corner range. This complexion enhancer contains Apricot Kernels [I heart the smell of Apricots] and gives your skin a refreshed, radiant look; thanks to its almost pink tint. This is ideal for a warm, summer's evening on holiday - and it's going in my case RIGHT NOW.

L'Oréal Super Liner Brow Artist Shaper, £5.49

As an eyebrow obsessite, I am made up to have received this as part of the box. I love trying out new brow products. I even received a deep / medium brown pencil which looks almost the exact same shade as my brows - it's like fate. This 3-in-1 pencil is designed to help you get babelicious brows in minutes - the pencil is used to shape and sculpt, the little brush is used to tame and shape your arch and the cream end of the pencil is a clear wax based formula, designed to fix your brows into their desired place.

Terrybly Khol Pencil, £23

This waterproof kohl crayon is amazingly soft. Like, it applies like velvet, with a gorgeous subtle shimmer. I got this pencil in the shade Bronze Generation and I am MADE UP! This colour is ideal and finally, just finally, I feel I might be able to perfect a Kardashian inspired smokey eye using this pencil.

This is my favourite part of the whole box. Pot of Messages | £6.50

"To each day, its own dose of inspiration.

Close your eyes, pick a message, unroll it. Comforting quotes, pick me ups, tips on how to confront your wardrobe in the morning. Ines shares all her inspirations and elegance in the buzzword. Let your mornings surprise you!"

Each of these tiny, coloured scrolls in the jar unroll to show a cute little message and are held closed by tiny little gold rings. CAN YOU EVEN?! Cos I can't. How cute is this idea? And how cute is this jar? It really adds a sweet, quirky and delicate little touch to my flat. I've never received anything quite like this in a subscription box before - or life [maybe I'm insanely sheltered / deprived?] so I am well happy.

Finally The My Little World magazine that accompanies this box is also well worth a read; with tons of hair, beauty and lifestyle tips and inspo. Usually, I just bin [well, obsessively recycle] the leaflets and mags that come with stuff like this as I never find them that useful / interesting .. but once again, this box has out-surpassed my expectations. So thanks again, Sandra!


Have you tried a My Little Box before? Are you signed up? What's your favourite sub box?

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