My eyebrows used to make me do a little sick in my mouth. As an angst ridden teen, I had totes overplucked them in attempts to look 'cool' and as a result they were sparse as hell, two totally different shapes and overall, one massive joke

That was, of course, before I got HD Brows, from Lisia at Bloom Liverpool [which you can read aaaaaall about here.] Speaking with Lisia about my brows and how I should be applying makeup to shape them correctly was a total game changer. As a qualified HD Stylist, Lisia crafted me some of the most beautiful brows I've ever seen [seriously Liverpool Bloggers, she's fab] and talked me through some of the products that High Definition offer, which might help me on my journey towards achieving the perfect brow.

lovelaughslipstick hd brows high definition beauty

High Definition Beauty very kindly sent me some of the products Lisia used on me, so that I can recreate the perfect brow at home and get them to a state where when I next pop into Bloom Liverpool, Lisia will have much more to work with [#baldingbrows.] So if you're interested in what I use on my brows, these are the products I've incorporated into my daily routine [and which have upped my brow game massively. Like, I legit look back at my old eyebrows and shudder in shame. What was I thinking?!]

I'd heard plenty of great things about this stuff, so I was super excited to try it. And I can confirm that it lives up to every expectation I ever had. My brows have actually become quite full in places now - and since combing this serum through them every night before bed, they've grown back super fast where I've massacred them in the past. 

I laughed as I left Bloom, telling Lisia that I wouldn't need to come back for at least 8 weeks as my brows grow that slowly. LOL. Naaat. This stuff has changed that, that's for sure. The brush is bendy, flexible and contains plenty of little teeth; to make sure it catches & coats even the tiniest hairs to encourage them to get their grow-on. I've only tried this stuff on my brows so far, but if it does the same for my lashes as it's doing for them, then I'm pretty much going to marry it. Not even messing. 

My eyebrows might be sparse and balding in areas, but they don't half get unruly after a long day at the office. Pure strands poking left, right and centre - they love to show me up in front of other humans. Colourfix sorts this issue right out for me, by setting my brows in place in a way which looks natural and seals in colour; in case I accidentally itch my eyebrow and come dangerously close to smudging my pencil off. Again, the brush on this product is flexible, bendy and full of super fine bristles; to coat each hair and comb through my brows leaving a natural finish. Love

The shade Foxy suits my brows and complexion perfectly; which is something I've really struggled with recently [and the reason why I will be selling about 23476234 unsuitable brow pomades soon, if anyone's interested?!] I'm made up to have found this shade.

I. Frigging. LOVE this brow pencil. Like, I'll never go back to any other brow pencil [soz Rimmel] now I've tried this. The Browtec comes with a brush on one end and a super fine brow pencil on the other - and for me; it's the stuff that dreams are made of. 

Lisia advised that I pencil in my brows using small strokes, to emulate hair. And because the pencil end of this product is so fine and delicate, this is actually feasible [ even for me; the worst makeup applier this side of Liverpool!!] Browtec in Foxy is the perfect shade for me, easy to use to fill in my [many] brow gaps & to draw the perfect shape - plus, it applies like an absolute dreamboat. I honestly don't know how I coped without it.  Or who even let me out of the house with the rancid eyebrows I was repping pre-Browtec. *Voms*

HD Brows Foxy Browtec Pencil

I'll post again soon with how I use these products in my daily routine and how to apply them too - as well as with how the Brow Booster [hopefully] helps me to achieve perfect HD Brows with Bloom Liverpool. I'm in the process of growing my eyebrows out at the moment [with Lisia's guidance] so that eventually, I potentially might have naturally nice brows and have much less work to do with the pencil. I'll do pretty much anything for an extra 5 minutes in bed, me!


Have you had HD Brows before? Have you tried any of these products? What do you use to keep your brows in check?

*This post contains items I was gifted, but as ever, all opinions are my own - I wouldn't lie to you guys, as it's not big and it certainly ain't clever!
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