If you're anything like me, your life may also [at least a bit] revolve around your phone and checking your social media accounts. It comes with the territory of blogging, I guess. If we don't Instagram it, did it even happen?!

I'm 100% guilty of partaking in the 'Morning Scroll' - where instead of getting up and brushing my hair; I instead waste my minutes scrolling through Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram before I feel able to stir from my duvet. My newest obsession of Pokémon Go has also firmly worked its way into my daily routine; this being another reason why my phone bill was triple its usual cost this month [oops] and my battery was on 1% more often that it was not. 

As you can imagine [and have probably experienced yourself] all this activity combined has become a real problem for my phone battery, even on power saving mode; especially when a wild Dratini appears in front of you at the park and your battery dies bang on cue. Or when you're desperate to catch up on someone's Snapchat story and all of a sudden, the screen cuts out to black and the circle of death begins it's reign of terror. Urgh. You know the one.

I may be slightly late to the party on this one, but I needed to share this phone case with you guys. It's revolutionised my Poké life. I can now freely wander the hills in search of a Snorlax [the one that got away] and it's all thanks to this £6.50 'Power Case' off Amazon. I can stalk your Snapchat stories, ramble away on my own and do endless scrolls on Instagram - in the bath, at work or in a taxi. As soon as I see my battery hit a critical point, alls I have to do is power this beast on and I'm sorted. It also makes me feel super productive on the move - doing the weekly shop whilst charging my phone, without being tied down to the constraints of a plug.

This little beaut allows me to hold mammoth phone calls, catch 'em all, snap shots of other people's cute dogs and even listen to some bangin' tunes for hours at a time. And when you send your bezzie a screenshot of a cast member of Geordie Shore posting an ellusive tweet probably relating to Gary, your battery icon won't have a woeful 1% next to it. Great success.

The best thing about this Power Case [no expense was spared in deciding on its name, blatantly LOL] is that when fully charged, it holds enough juice to charge my phone twice over - AND has a handy USB port in the side, so you can charge multiple pieces of tech at the same time! This makes it the ideal travel companion and perfect for any blogger; you can charge your camera and phone simultaneously, for vlogging on the go.

I haven't got the exact link to share with you guys today [because I'm lazy] but if you head to Amazon and search for Power Case, you'll be able to pick one up for as cheap as I did. They come in all different models, designs and colours; so there's one for every need and phone shape. Legit, it'll change your life. [Well, that's probably a little bit dramatic, but it's definitely handy, like.]


Have you tried one of these cases before? How do you make your phone's battery last longer? Do you find yourself taking part in the morning scroll too?!

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