Confession time. I don't clean my makeup brushes half as often as I should. Why? Well truth be told, I simply can't be arsed.

When I get my Morphes out, I usually just quickly dab them on a babywipe and hope for the best. This often means that my carefully crafted smokey eye becomes somewhat of a foggy eye instead; as when I'm using my brushes, all kinds of eyeshadows from nights out past resurface. #Hawt

It's just such a chore, yeno? And apart from the Crown Brushes I use on a daily basis [for my foundation, concealer and <half arsed> contouring] I don't really use my little eyeshadow & powder brushes that heavily - or often. This makes it feel like even more of a mission; dedicating pure hours of my time to cleaning them. You with me? 

WELL dolls, it's time to rejoice - as I've found a genius little contraption from Beauty Essentials that takes all the hassle out of cleaning your brushes, and which also means that you can use the same brush to apply / switch between different eyeshadows without any powdery disasters. I present to you, the Shadow Switch*.

Shadow Switch Dry Brush Cleaner from Beauty Essentials on LoveLaughsLipstick blog

Retailing for just £5.99 with free postage on Amazon, this bad boy has become a firm favourite of mine - it's super affordable [my mantra in life #PovertyProbs], super effective and super cute - just look at its little striped tin - Instagrammable or what?! It's a must have for any #bblogger, MUA or general makeup obsesso, like me.

Shadow Switch Dry Brush Cleaner from Beauty Essentials on LoveLaughsLipstick blog

The best thing about Shadow Switch is that it's a totally dry brush cleaner. No water, no cleanser, no shampoo = no mess, no downtime and no drying time. You can actually clean your brushes as you're using them - and carry on using them straight after. 

This little tin of glory promises no product transfer, helps preserve your makeup brushes, is eco-friendly, quick AND refillable for hygiene purposes - all for just £5.99 delivered. As you may be able to tell, I was totes sold on this gadget from the very first time I used it. But how does it work?

Shadow Switch Dry Brush Cleaner from Beauty Essentials on LoveLaughsLipstick blog

It's not sorcery, it's not black magic - it's like; a wirey, spongey refillable block. In fact, the triumphant ingredient within this pretty tin is something so simple, it makes me wonder why I haven't thought of doing anything like this before. Wanna see it do it's thang?

Shadow Switch Dry Brush Cleaner from Beauty Essentials on LoveLaughsLipstick blog

Putting the Shadow Switch to the test

1. I chose one of my favourite Morphe Eyeshadow Palettes to be the guinea pig for this experiment. I then grabbed a Morphe eyeshadow brush and ferociously stabbed it in this shimmery blue shade for a while.

2. After spilling a lot of very pigmented blue powder all over my life / person / carpets, it was time to test this promising tin out. I pressed and rotated my brush over the Shadow Switch in a circular motion until all traces of this shimmery blue hue were no more. 

3. Et Voila! I dragged the brush over the back of my hand to see if there was any powder fallout, or just any trace of it at all - and there was nothing! Clean as a whistle. No evidence that the eyeshadow explosion which had literally just occurred had ever happened. I could quite safely now transfer this brush into any other pan with no danger of causing hell. Is this a game changer or what, like?!

I also found that this little beauty is PERFECT for cleaning up your hands / fingers when you've been swatching powder makeup and eyeshadow for your blog all morning. You know that #Bloggerlife - the pure stripey arms, full of swatches - every free inch of skin covered in something new and sparkly. 


Have you tried a Shadow Switch before? Do you want to?! Click here to get involved with a slice of the action. I honestly reckon this gadget is proper fab and will be using mine religiously from now on. I've got no more excuses or reasons to be lazy now - and my brushes will definitely thank me for it!

*This post contains items I was gifted for the purpose of review. However as always, all opinions are very much my own.
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