Body hair. It's a personal preference. Some gals rly own the natural look, some gals are a bit 50/50 [ie, "I'll shave the parts you can see, but the rest can gtf"] & some gals are forever fuzz free. 

I'm in the 50/50 category tbh. I personally cba with shaving my legs every single day [and as there is a distinct lack of action / leg stroking in my life, I don't have the motivation to even bother anymore] - but I'd love to have permo smooth skin; without any of the effort or drawbacks of shaving. That's why I'm so into the idea of laser hair removal; something which I'm gonna explain my love for throughout this post. Thanks for coming to my hairy TED Talk.

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Though grabbing a razor is the simplest and quickest way to de-fuzz, it's not the most long lasting of solutions. I think science says that the hair starts regrowing within the space of about 8 hours?? So if you shave ya pins in the morning before work but end up staying out on a hot date with that lad from the office you pure fancy [true story] and he reaches for a lil calf stroke [ooh, steady on!] you might feel a bit wary of that delightful prickly sensation.

I'm a big fan of epilating or waxing; but my issue with these two methods is the messiness [waxin'ell], pain, noise [of the epilator whirring away and me screaming as I ferociously rip a hot wax strip off] and how they can leave your skin sorta red raw & tender for a few days afterwards. Can't win here, hun.

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I've been trying out an at-home laser hair removal device recently [which I will be posting my full thoughts on soon] and even this not-as-powerful-as-the-ones-in-salons tool has achieved results I'm happy with. Which is why I'm a keen advocate of laser hair removal [plus I wanna be like Kimmy K in every way possible... and if this treatment is good enough for her, it's good enough for me!]

From my experience using the ol' laser, I have found it to be:

- Loads more convenient [after the first few goes, the hair just doesn't come back for ages]
- Doesn't leave you with pure ingrowing hairs [the bane of my existence]
- Long lasting results, meaning less shaving & stacks more confidence flashing ya legs around town
- Zero pain
- No shaving cuts, razor burns, tender skin or bleedy bits
- I repeat, no pain
- And that having lasered honestly cuts down on getting ready time so bloody much.

And this is just the results from using an at-home device - the professional ones in laser hair removal clinics are stacks more powerful and effective; with some treatments leading to the permanent loss of hair where you don't want it. Like on Kimmy K's vag - and I think we've all seen the proof of that having worked! #NakedSelfiesTillIDie

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If the idea of laser hair removal appeals to you after reading this, Pulse Light Clinic in London are a fantastic venue to check out. These guys offer so many services that I'm totes interested in; including fat freezing, acne scar removal [pls!] and anything / everything to do with lasering off me fuzz. Here's a quick lil video explainer of the laser hair removal process, and a couple of maps showing where you can locate Pulse Light's London based clinics.

Have you ever tried laser hair removal before? Would you? What are your feelings towards body hair?
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