I KNOW RIGHT. Probably the most grown-up title for a blog post I've ever published. 

I've seemingly morphed into this proper adult at the moment though - buying new room fragrances, bleach by the tonne, new bedding, rugs [mainly to cover some of the damage on my carpets, lol] and cushions. 

I'm not quite sure when the transition of me spending all me wages on Glenn's vodka & nights on the lash to transforming into a pure homemaker occurred, but you know what - I'm enjoying it. Me gaff actually looks a bit less like a crack-den these days, and it's nice to spend time in; what with all the homely touches I've been working on.

There is still quite a lot to do though to get each of my rooms to the standard I'd like them to be at, so I decided for today's post, I'm summarise all my home interior / DIY goals as a reminder to myself... and as home stuff is quite topical right now isn't it [a la Mrs Hinch] and I'm pure mad for dat traffic xox

Spring / Summer Home Interior Improvement Goals, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Redoing the Bathroom Grouting

WOW. I have literally just hit peak adult there haven't I; I can't even cope with how boring I sound.

But fo real. It's not too bad, as I leave bleach to soak on it overnight to absolutely batter any marks / potential staining, but it'd be so nice to have it all crisp & perfectly white again. Mainly so my bath pics look better for the 'Gram; let's face it. 

Re-painting the Walls

I've got a bit of an issue with being probably the clumsiest person in the world and having pure white walls in every room of the house. I just live to spill things these days [which is something I'm going to have to admit as part of the next point on this list too.]

White, matte walls literally are the bane of my life, but like; the fave of my life. I love how minimal, clean and chic they look as part of my home interior... but literally, breathe near them and there's a stain. And don't get me STARTED on the black, billowy damage Yankee Candles cause.

Sorting Out My Carpets

As mentioned above, I am terrible for spilling - especially with the endless brews I consume every day, and somehow lash across the floor. I'm torn between going for carpet cleaning or just going all out and getting a new one; as the last new one I had fitted was done pretty terribly and is coming away in places. I'm unsure, but have been looking to flooringsuperstore.com for inspiration; who offer pretty much every carpet-related service you can think of.

Spring / Summer Home Interior Improvement Goals, Lovelaughslipstick Blog

Get a New Bed

I got a new mattress recently, but the bedframe itself is an ACTUAL sick joke; hahahahaha. Literally, you sit on it and it creaks like you've punched it in the stomach. Dare move on it - or roll over, and it makes the most suspicious sounding squeaky noises you've ever heard. It's definitely seen better days, and I have genuine concerns I might fall through it one day.

I want one of them proper posh ones that celebs have; you know? With the pyar luxury headboards. But I'll most likely break through this one and end up sleeping on a mattress on the floor; let's face it, hahaha.

Upgrade Glass Surfaces & Counter-tops

This is an actual goal / dream; I'd love a dead minimal, sleek home interior with loads of crackled glass & glossy surfaces 😍 And a proper celeb-esque huge dressing table mirror.

I'm thinking mostly painted, toughened glass for use in the kitchen [as I mentioned before, I am cluuuuum-sy - so having it toughened & existing surfaces strengthened too would be ideal!] & bathroom; perhaps with a large mirror glass placed to cover most of the wall above the bathroom sink? I don't have a proper permanent mirror in the bathroom at the minute; and this makes me sad.

Express Toughening specialise in glass toughening and processing – offering bespoke glass for commercial and residential properties; including frosted, crackle and mirror glass too. I've been checking them out for some inspo, and I have ideas galore RN!

Clean Out the Cupboard of Hell 

I think every home has one of these, right?! The one where you just throw all old crap in that you can't deal with facing right now? Well yeah. Mine is horrendous and probably a hazard if I dared open it... so that's a [literal] mountain I'm going to have to tackle at some point!

What home improvement goals do you have for 2019? Can you relate to any of mine?
*Sponsored links contained within this post, but all opinions & experiences expressed in this post are my own & totes legit. I can't stop spilling my coffee! xo
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