With Father’s Day just around the corner, you may be struggling with what to purchase for your loved one. Whether he is a fan of music, beer, or takes pride in his car, there are lots of great gift ideas which can add a personal touch. To give you some inspiration and guidance, here are 5 of some of the top Father’s Day gifts to consider.

5 Cool Fathers Day Gift Ideas for Every Dad*

Beer Making Kit

If your dad loves nothing more than an ice-cold beer, the Brewdog Punk IBA Beer Making Kit is a thoughtful gift that your father is sure to appreciate. Brewing your own beer is a fantastic hobby, however, getting all the equipment to do so can be a challenge. With this kit, you will have all the essentials you need to brew the perfect pint. Some of the items you will find in the kit include an airlock, a gallon glass fermenter, and some other great goodies.

Mini Massage Cushion

After a long and tiring day at work, many of us love nothing more than to sit back, relax, and put our feet up. If your dad is a workaholic, purchasing a Mini Massage Cushion can be the perfect gift to reduce stress levels, soothe muscle pain, and provide optimum comfort. A mini massage cushion is the perfect size for those on the go, so if your dad travels for business or pleasure, he can put this item in his luggage which will come in handy after an exhausting day.

Car Show Plates

For the dads who are into their cars, what better way to show love and appreciation than by purchasing personalised show plates? Show plates are designed to be adaptable to your vehicle style, making them a great gift for your father’s pride and joy. You can find show plates here at Number 1 Plates who specialise in show number plates. Number 1 Plates are regarded as the most trusted show plate supplier in the UK. Remember, however, they are only plates for show and cannot be used legally on the road.

Personalised Chocolate

If your father has a sweet tooth, why not buy him some personalised chocolate? Whether your dad is a lover of Toblerone, or Cadbury’s dairy milk is more his thing, there are lots of chocolate bars that you can personalise to add your own spin on things. Be aware that there may be character restrictions, so try not to make your message too long. 

Beard Buddy

We all like to take great pride in our appearance, so if your father is sporting a beard and you want to help him keep it well groomed, the Beard Buddy is a fantastic hair catcher that can be used in any room. Known as the answer to mess free shaving, the Beard Buddy can be stuck onto the mirror and wrapped around the neck to catch any unwanted hairs and keep the sink clean. Whether your dad works in the office, building trade, or travels for meetings, having a handy item like the Beard Buddy is a must.

With Father’s Day soon upon us, finding the right gift for your Dad can be tricky. No matter what interests he has, all the gifts listed above can be great presents to show your love and appreciation for your dad.
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