CBD is the hot thing right now, and while it was still misunderstood by many not too long ago, it has since gained a lot of mainstream attention. The effects of CBD have been studied for years and are well-known in medical circles. Only recently, with the relaxation of regulations, has the general public been able to get access to CBD products and finally been able to enjoy its many attributes. Let’s take a look at some of the proven health benefits of CBD.

Anxiety Relief

CBD’s effects on anxiety and stress are probably the most well-known and well-documented benefits of the compound. One of the most conclusive studies on the anti-anxiety relieving properties of CBD was one that was conducted by the Brazilian Journal of Psychiatry. 

In the study, one group was asked to take a placebo while the other was given CBD supplementation. They were then both asked to do a public speaking performance. Those who took CBD all showed lower heart rates and blood pressure and fared better at the Visual Analogue Mood Scale when it came to stress indicators. This PlusCBD coupon code may be useful for you if you're looking to order CBD products to help alleviate anxiety symptoms.


CBD has also been shown to have strong anti-seizure properties. While research is still at its infancy, the results so far are promising. One study, in particular, found that CBD could soon serve as a complementary or alternative form of treatment against epileptic seizures. 

The study was conducted on a group of 216 people suffering from the disorder. The participants were all given doses ranging from 2mg to 5mg daily, in addition to their regular medication. The participants recorded 36.5% fewer seizures per month. However, it important to note that about 12% of participants experienced some negative effects, so the type of epilepsy and its severity might also be a factor. 

Sleeping Aid

There is also evidence that CBD could be a powerful sleeping aid. In one study, it was found that over 65% of people saw an improvement in their sleeping scores in their first month of using CBD. In another study that was performed on a group of 1,521 people, it was found that the majority of participants who took CBD not only fell asleep faster but woke up less often during the night. In addition, only 9% of the people in the CBD group reported waking up tired vs. 75% for the control group. 

For those who want to use CBD as a sleeping aid, CBD oil is a great option. Companies like Handpicked CBD, for instance, have some of the best CBD oil UK available, and in different strengths as well. They offer products from all the top CBD oil UK producers, and you can get in-depth information about all products such as the extraction methods used, exact concentration, and how much CBD you’ll get per drop.

This will be very important when dosing your CBD. It’s usually recommended to start with a small sublingual dose (under 5mg) before going to sleep and increasing it gradually until you get optimal results.

CBD is a wonderful compound with tons of benefits... some which haven't been discovered yet. We suggest that you learn as much as you can about it, and always make sure that you buy from the right source; for the sake of your health and wallet.
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