While it can be easy to complain about British summers, most years we do get some nice weather, and everyone flocks out to the beaches and parks to enjoy the sun and top up their tan. What’s really important is remembering that summer presents a new set of challenges for your skin and protecting yourself from the sun is vital. This year we also need to remember to keep to social distancing guidelines and protect ourselves and others from COVID-19. 

But back to skincare. To help me put this article together, I worked with Aesthetics Lab and their team of skincare specialists, who've kindly shared their top dos and don’ts to help keep your skin protected and looking its best this summer. 

Summer Skincare & Sun Protection, Dos and Don’ts

The dos:

Which SPF to choose – Let’s start with sun cream. The first thing to keep in mind when choosing sun cream is to look for at least SFP30. Secondly, choose one that is 100% mineral and contains Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide for the best protection. Lastly, reapplying your sun cream every 2-3 hours will help protect you and decrease your risk of pigmentation, which is much harder to remove than a nice tan. 

Moisturise – Because the sun is harsher during summer and on hotter days this will dry out your skin. For this reason, it’s vital to stay on top of your moisturising routine to keep your skin hydrated. Using a lighter moisturiser will also be better for the summer months, and there are lots of good options available so you should be able to find one that’s right for your skin. 

Drink more water – It goes without saying that drinking enough water each day is essential, and during the summer months when the weather gets warmer, dehydration is a real risk. If you do get dehydrated, the first organ to suffer will be your skin. If you believe you’re suffering from the so-called ‘combination of dry and oily skin’ this isn’t actually what’s happening. It means you have oily skin and you are dehydrated, which is why your skin appears dry. Carrying a reusable water bottle with you each day will help get you into the habit of drinking more water and will stop you buying single-use plastics. 

Wear light makeup to avoid clogging your pores – More humid weather can cause the pores of your skin to open, so if you’re wearing heavy makeup, this can lead to your pores becoming clogged. This can cause breakouts or even acne, so to avoid this choose a lighter makeup. 

The don’ts:

Skin peels and laser or IPL treatments – During summertime you should avoid treatments which can increase the risk of skin pigmentation changes. This means, as much as we may love them, staying clear of deeper skin peels, laser and IPL treatments. It’s best to wait until September and Autumn time to undergo these treatments again. 

Sleeping with your makeup on – We can’t stress enough how much you should avoid doing this! Cleansing and toning your skin every evening before bed will help you prevent breakouts. During summer months, when the weather is warmer, and at times when humidity is high, we all tend to sweat more. Therefore the risk of skin breakouts is higher, so take your makeup off to allow your skin to breathe. 

‘Cure your acne’ by sunbathing – This is an old myth which is still talked about today that is actually very misleading. After lots of exposure to the sun, your glands can become dried out. However, there comes a point where they will try and re-balance, and your sebaceous gland will overproduce sebum. This can lead to oilier skin with even more breakouts! Trust us when we tell you, this does not work!

Retinol based skincare products – When choosing skincare product to use in the summer, there have been a few things to look out for mentioned above. However, one thing to avoid is anything containing retinol. Products which contain retinol increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun which can lead to pigmentation and burning, both of which you want to avoid. 

Correctly protecting yourself from the sun is really important. While we have focused more on skincare protects and procedures to follow & avoid in this article, don’t forget to cover up with appropriate clothes where necessary. Hopefully the points highlighted above will help you look after your skin this summer, and be able to enjoy your time outside! 
*Collaborative post - see my Disclaimer for more information
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