Honestly huns if there's one thing I love, it's perfume / fragrance. Well, amongst a lot of other things, let's be real (my love of cheddar cheese cannot be denied)... but I do have a real soft spot for scent. And the design of the bottles. 

Gah, you don't even wanna know what my basket looks like on the Boots website rn, whilst they've got a 15% off on fragrances thing going on. I keep nearly checking out about 74 bottles of some of my faves (Mugler Alien, Marc Jacobs Daisy Love, the Ariana Grande perfumes, Hugo Boss For Her, Chloe... even some throwback JLo Glow AND my most purchased perfume ever from the years 2010-2014; Britney Spears Fantasy 😂) but the one thing that stops me - and especially stops me trying a new scent on a whim? The price. There's no way I'm pyar splurging £60 on a new bottle of perfume on a decision formed off the back of a written description alone... only for it to turn up and smell like the basement dancefloor of The Blue Angel. (If you know, you know.) 

I wanna try before I buy full size. I can't be arsed traipsing round perfume counters collecting samples and spritzing testers on different parts of me arm; trying to remember which is which. ESPECIALLY not in a pandemic, with a pure mask on and the threat of the rona lurking in the air. Which is where the concept of Scentful* and their fragrance subscription boxes comes in. A fantastic way of trying out new fragrances affordably before buying them - and helping us to swerve having to go outside to do so. I STAN.

Scentful: Surprise Designer Fragrance Subscription Boxes For Him & Her
Scentful: Surprise Designer Fragrance Subscription Boxes For Him & Her
Scentful: Surprise Designer Fragrance Subscription Boxes For Him & Her

Scentful: Surprise Designer Fragrance Subscription Boxes For Him & Her

Scentful are a small, startup company from Bath (UK) - and during these tough times, it's never been more important than right now to support small biz & shop independent where you can. Defo check them out if you like the sound of their service - a subscription is a great gift to treat a loved one to this Christmas. They offer gift subscription bundles for men and women - so the fragrance loving females and / or the aftershave enthusiast males in ya life are fully covered. 

Their service is basically a subscription box (which as we mentioned, is available to order filled with men's & / or women's fragrance) delivered to your door around the 7th of each month; filled with surprise mini perfumes for you to try & enjoy. You'll find 2 x 5ml designer fragrances (100% authentic, genuine perfumes / aftershaves are used) in your Scentful box each month... which are a decent size; allowing you to properly try out the new scents before committing to buy them full size. All neatly packaged in a stylish black box; delivered straight through your letterbox from just £10.95 a month. What a concept

Scentful: Surprise Designer Fragrance Subscription Boxes For Him & Her
Scentful: Surprise Designer Fragrance Subscription Boxes For Him & Her
Scentful: Surprise Designer Fragrance Subscription Boxes For Him & Her

The bottles themselves are a good size as I mentioned - not like those teeny tiny sample vials you get abar one use out of. You can get a good few wears out of each bottle - and they're the perfect size to pop in your bag on a night out or date etc, for fragrance top-ups on the go. I think the price per month is really affordable - especially when you consider how expensive designer fragrances are to buy full size, and that this low monthly cost also gives you access to names & scents you may otherwise find out of your price range, or just flat out never considered before. I've had plenty of use out of mine, and there's still enough left for another couple of wears.

The scents included in Scentful's September Edit (featured in this post) are Michael Kors' 'Wonderlust' and Roberto Cavialli's 'Nero Assoluto.' Both fragrances I've never tried before - both being brands I've never tried perfumes from before, in fact. Which is exciting! I like both of them too; and have really enjoyed being able to test them out properly as part of this service. Just spritzing a tiny amount on once from a sample isn't enough to be able to tell whether you like a scent or not. You need to wear it a few times, for a few hours... see how it blends, how its fragrance mellows & matures over time and how it smells off of a piece of card / outta a bottle and on YOU... as fragrances smell slightly different on everyone once they hit the skin. Something else that fascinates me

Scentful: Surprise Designer Fragrance Subscription Boxes For Him & Her

I wasn't sure I'd like the Roberto Cavialli at first, being honest. It didn't smell like something I'd lean towards - quite a sensual, deep scent (and I tend to go like, floral or sweet.) But once I'd worn it a few times, and its smell developed on my skin, I've started to really like it now. Which is why having a decent sized sample - like the ones Scentful offer - is so helpful! I'd have written it off if I'd just have sniffed it on a piece of card in a shop... but now I've had the chance to properly try it, my mind is totally changed. The Michael Kors fragrance is lovely - a lighter scent with definite Spring / floral vibes to it... probably not one I'd buy full size, but that's the beauty of this affordable monthly box. I haven't had to spend a pure fortune to establish that!

I'm a big fan of this service - and a big fan of supporting small & indie businesses, so if you're interested, please go and check out Scentful.

Their website: scentful.co.uk
Their Insta: @scentful.co.uk
Their FB: @scentful.co.uk

Have you tried a perfume subscription service before? What do you think of this idea?
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