I dunno how the Rona is affecting life where you are in the world right now, but where I am (Liverpool, Merseyside, UK) we've just entered another lockdown - where going places with other humans / mingling inside with other households is banned. Cheers 2020

And naturally, when you're spending pretty much every damn day in your home, with nowhere else to go and the only activities on offer being Netflix, eating, cleaning, working, eating a bit more and online shopping, your focus tends to switch up from being where you can spend money outside of the gaff and onto where you can spend money on it.

I've been proper enjoying a bit of home renovation, during this never ending cycle of lockdown. I finally cleared out the 'Cupboard of Hell' (think Monica from Friends cupboard), have been doing up my room, purchasing v. grown up items (such as bedding, heated air driers and cupboards), flatpacked an INSANE AMOUNT of cardboard for recycling and have been adding pretty little extras to my home decor for a lil extra something special; namely wall art & framed prints. Which brings me round to talking about Fine Art America*, whose website is packed full of gorgeous prints, collections and wall art to help really make your home your own. The perfect project / purchase during lockdown.

Styling My Home with Fine Art America Lovelaughslipstick Blog

I've only really got into wall art and hanging prints around the gaff during lockdown - but it's totally transformed my home decor and added homely, stylish splashes of personality around the place. As a minimalistic kinda gal, I've always been into the 'less being more, empty canvas walls' kinda vibe... but since hanging my first few pieces of art, my mind is totally changed and I keep looking at different walls around the house thinking of what might suit. I've even downloaded a mobile game called 'Redecor' to virtually transform other rooms as well as my own - the dedication is real at this point. 

Fine Art America have a huge selection of wall art, framed prints (which are super handy, as you literally get everything you'll need all in one) and posters to choose from - something I was really impressed by. I tend to find that a lot of home decor sites are tailored to more mainstream, feminine tastes; but Fine Art America have a really wide array of interesting pieces that cater for those markets - and much more. Inclusivity is key in 2020 - in all aspects of life.

Something else of note: if you're looking to buy a series of themed pieces - be these by theme, colour, topic, artist etc, the site has plenty of curated collections to help you stylise your interiors. And you can choose from prints, canvases and tapestries - to smaller themed details, such as cushion covers, bedding and shower curtains; in order to create the decor of your dreams.

Styling My Home with Fine Art America Lovelaughslipstick Blog

One of my favourite pre-curation collections on the site (which meets my personal aesthetic down to a tee) - is the Pretty In Pink Wall Art Collection. I'm here for the warm, girly pops of colour / feminine splashes of style these pieces of art introduce to your interior aesthetic. Alternatively, I also enjoy Spacefrog Designs, The Champagne Collection, Nightscapes, Underwater with Enric Gener and the Whimsically Poetic Photographs collections; if you fancy some inspo on art to check out on the site.

Even if (on the very unlikely circumstance!) you don't find something you like when browsing Fine Art America, you can actually upload and edit your own designs into pieces for your home. 

I love the fact that shopping with Fine Art America helps support hundreds of thousands of independent artists (as well as brands), selling millions of unique products on a worldwide basis; 24 hours a day. A cause that is even more important to support right now, as the world's economy takes a massive hit thanks to this COVID-19 chaos. Independent brands and small businesses need our support now more than ever - so if you're already in the game for some new pieces of wall art as part of any interior improvement projects you've got on; shopping with them solves 2 problems in one. 

The Fine Art America site encourages us to decorate our homes and accessorise our lives with works of art; supporting artists across the globe, during a time where they need our support the most. A cause I'm totally, totally here for. I'm super glad I've discovered their site - as supporting artists holds a special place in my heart, due to family members being involved in this market; and I'll definitely be ordering a few pieces when I'm ready to do up the office room.

Have you checked out Fine Art America yet? What's your favourite piece or collection?

*Sponsored post, but all picks and opinions (and experiences with Ms Rona!) are very much my own. For more info, please check out my Disclaimer

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