Whether it's your child’s first day at school or whether they are just heading back after the summer holidays, there are a number of things that they will need on the big day. If you are unsure on what they need, or just don’t know where to start, here is a guide to everything your child will need for heading back to school.

Everything Your Child Needs For Heading Back To School*

School uniform
Making sure that your child has their full school uniform ready for their first day back at school is very important. Most schools require children to wear a school uniform. These schools will usually inform you of what is needed for the uniform, for example a school jumper, a tie and either a pair of school trousers or a skirt. You may also have to get another set of uniform that is specific for activities such as P.E. If the school that your child attends does not require the children to wear a uniform, then you will need to buy them some clothes that are suitable, yet comfortable for them to wear to school.

Another important thing to get ready for your child before they head back to school is their stationery. Again, the school that your child attends will typically provide you with a list of the stationery that is needed. This might include pencils, a rubber, a sharpener, and colouring pencils. Kids stationery usually comes in many different colours and designs, meaning you will be sure to find some that your child will love. It is also very easy to buy, and can be bought from places such as Smudge Stationery.

Bag and lunch box
Your child will need some sort of bag to carry all of their stationery and their lunch box in, so it is important that you buy them a school bag. Children typically bring a rucksack with them to school, as they are lightweight and easy for them to carry. Rucksacks come in many different patterns and colours, so your child will be sure to find one that they like. As well as a school bag your child will also need a lunch box. If the school that your child goes to does not offer lunch to them, you will need to pack them their own lunch. Putting your child’s lunch in a lunch box will keep it fresh and stop it from getting squished in their bag.

Labels are another essential item for sending your kid back to school. Children can often misplace items of their uniform, school bag or stationery, so putting a label with their name of it will allow them to know which one is theirs. These labels come in a range of different colours and patterns, and are even customisable.

With this guide you will now know what your child needs for heading back to school, giving you time to get everything together and prepare before their first big day back!

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