Skincare trends, amiright? 

It seems like every other day a new trend or 'TikTok must-have' product drops - and / or a new skincare term is coined. From 'purging' to 'glass skin', from 'ice rolling' to 'skinimalism' and from 'phygital' skincare to 'slugging'... it's wild out there, guys

With so much information and so many skincare enthusiasts, experts & bloggers sharing their skin hacks, it can feel overwhelming trying to wade through all the info out there, trying to determine what actually works - or what will be best suited to your complexion. 

So I've decided to do you a solid huns - I've waded through the internet, shuddered at many most TikTok 'hacks' (pls no shaving off your eyebrows, whitening your teeth with toilet bleach, filing your teeth down or using erection cream on your lips... promise me?!) and compiled a list of 5 skincare hacks, ingredients and trends actually worth trying in 2021

5 Skincare Hacks, Trends & Products Actually Worth Trying

1. Ice Rolling

Not only are ice globes insanely Instagrammable, but there is method to the madness here too (not that this trend is even that rogue, when we refer back to people using super glue as hair gel and erection cream for DIY lip fillers!) The cooling sensation offers a number of benefits for the complexion - as well as the refreshing, soothing overall feeling it gives, too.

Skin icing (which is a hack used for decades - ice cubes on spots and cold spoons to the face? Ice rolling that, hun) reduces swelling, redness and inflammation caused by breakouts & spots. It tightens and refines pores, encourages blood stimulation and can also boost the efficiency of your lymphatic system - brightening and detoxing the skin. A great way to get an all-over skin brightening glow before a big night out - or hot (yet socially distanced) date!

2. Microneedling*

*On a superficial level - needles bigger than 3mm should be left to the professionals, as they can cause scarring, hyperpigmentation and open up the skin to infection.

Microneedling using a dermaroller with small, fine needles is a great way to boost your skin quality from home. Microneedling allows your skincare lotions, potions and serums to better absorb into the skin; making them more effective. Microneedling also encourages the production of collagen and elastin (for younger, tighter, plumper skin), firms & smoothes skin and helps address the appearance of large pores. 

Just be careful with it huns - don't pure press the roller into your skin with excessive force, avoid rolling over the same area multiple times in one session and don't overuse it.  Oh - and make sure you cleanse your roller with a disinfectant cleaning solution in-between uses too.

5 Skincare Hacks, Trends & Products Actually Worth Trying Microneedling Derma Roller

3. K Beauty 

K Beauty fascinates me. I've tried some fantastic k beauty skincare and cosmetics in my time on this earth - and the variety, cute packaging and innovation behind these products blow my tiny mind. Korean skincare is all over TikTok and the 'Gram - and I can't even argue with it. Unlike other fads and trends doing the rounds, Korean beauty & skin products are typically created with stacks of science, research and innovation at their core - think sheet masks, lip tints, charcoal exfoliating products, bubbles and the textures of dreams. 

There's a reason Korea are one of the most advanced countries in the world with their skincare, setting the standard for the rest of the industry. Definitely get on the hype huns!

4. Hyaluronic Acid

The ultimate skincare buzzword. But rly. Whether you opt for skincare and serums boasting high concentrations of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) or salon treatments involving infusing it into the skin (during a HydraFacial, for example) or injecting it into key zones on your face (think Profhilo)  - your skin will LAP this super ingredient up. 

And did you know, most dermal fillers are made with HA? HA is produced naturally in our bodies, meaning that when injected to plump our lips, sculpt our jaws or iron out our noses etc, the filler is totally harmless and broken down naturally over time? Yeah. That!

Hyaluronic Acid is, in a nutshell, the ultimate ingredient for drawing moisture into the skin; leaving it softer, younger looking, plumped and smoother. It reduces the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines, can help with healing (great with acne & breakouts where the skin has become broken) and acts as an antioxidant to keep skin healthy AF. There's pretty much no-one who won't benefit from using skincare products containing this absolute hero ingredient.

5. Vitamin C

Vitamin A is another one to watch whilst we're on the vitamin hype, but yeah. Vitamin C. Another huge buzzword in the world of skincare - and for good reason! Vitamin C stimulates collagen production in the skin - meaning it can help your skin rebuild itself from the inside out and reduce visible signs of ageing. It also acts as an antioxidant - meaning it helps protect your skin from UV damage & other environmental aggressors (which can also contribute to wrinkles, fine lines and early onset of skin ageing.)

Serums containing Vitamin C are renowned for their ability to restore the 'glow' to dull, lack-lustre skin; with the ingredient acting as a powerful brightening agent for ravishing radiance. It can also help reduce the visibility of hyperpigmentation and sun / age spots on the skin. Brb, off to bathe in a lil Vit C of goodness (poor attempt at a pun there, but I'm standing by it.)

Another must have ingredient to add in whilst I'm here is Vitamin A - the hero behind the Environ range of cult skincare products. Vitamin A is the cornerstone ingredient in the best-selling Environ collection - an essential skin nutrient that needs replenishing daily for skin to appear healthier and more resilient.

What's one skincare hack, product or tip you swear by? Hope these pointers helped you - let me know if they did in the comments below!

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*Collaborative post, but all opinions and recommendations within this article are my own & researched by... me! For more info on what this term means, please see my Disclaimer.

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